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The Chaotic artwork of Tatsuki Fujimoto

Tatsuki Fujimoto is a Japanese manga artist born in Nikaho, Akita Prefecture on October 10, 1992 or 1993. When he was a child there were no preparatory schools near where he lived so he wou

ld attend painting classes with his grandmother where he would practice painting with oil paints. Later on Fujimoto graduated from Tohoku University of Art and Design in Yamagata Prefecture. After graduating he wrote an abundance of one-shot manga, entering them in contests and receiving multiple awards on a lot of his works. Not much else is known about Fujimoto's early life.

Years later in 2011 Fujimoto wrote and illustrated his first one-shot manga titled Niwa ni wa Niwa Niwatori ga ita A strange world where aliens have taken over the human world, and only two humans are left which are apparently disguising themselves as mere chickens. Later in 2011 the one-shot was nominated for the December SQ monthly award. On April

18 2016 he published his first major work Fire Punch which is a story about a frozen dystopia where inhabitants eat flesh to survive, can the destructive powers of fire bring salvation? In the not-too-distant past, the Ice Witch blankets the world in snow, starvation, and

madness, leading the inhabitants to seek their salvation in fire. The series spanned eight volumes and

ended in January 1 2018 and was published by Viz Media, and sold around 9.1 million copies which added up to around 122850000 dollars.

On December 3, 2018 Fujimoto released the pilot chapter for his mos

t popular series Chainsaw Man which is currently one of the best selling manga in the world. The series was collected into 11 volumes and ran till December 14, 2020. The story is about a boy named Denji, an impoverished young man who makes a contract that fuses his body with that of a dog-like devil named Pochita, granting him the ability to transform parts of his body into chainsaws. As of November 2022, the manga had over 20 million copies in circulation, making it one of the best-selling manga series. Part two of the series has started again after the success of the first part being so popular.

Most recently Fujimoto released another one-shot manga series titled Goodbye Eri which is a story about a boy's mother dying, Yuta attempts to capture her last days on his phone. After her death, Yuta heads to the roof of the hospital to commit suicide, but a meeting with a strange girl leads him on the path to making a movie.

Fujimoto art is a lot of loose sketchy linework that is somewhat chaotic but mixes together beautifully with a lot of the gory atmosphere. One of his best traits is that he uses a lot of very expressive facial expressions in his art to emphasize a lot of silent communication.

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