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Nintendo - Console Wars pt.1

Welcome everyone to a new series that will be going over the different game companies that are currently popular. Today I am going to be covering Nintendo, talking about its origins, different consoles, copies sold, and how they have progressed throughout the years. If this interests you I hope you stay tuned and enjoy. If you want to learn more about the other consoles stay tuned as the next parts will be coming out by next week.

Nintendo is like the older brother of the consoles and PC is the oldest of them all but that's for later right now, it is Nintendo, so Nintendo is a popular gaming franchise everyone in the world knows what it is as I do own a Nintendo console as well as many others. So let's see the basic information about Nintendo, it started as a card company but as time continued on it needed to make more business. 

So it started to become a video game company with its first product being the NES also known as the Nintendo Entertainment System which lasted for about a full decade before it stopped selling. At that time they released the greatest game of the time, Super Mario Bros. The game still exists to this day and it's still playable. The next console to be released in the Nintendo family would be the SNES or the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It sold over 10 million copies of Super Mario World. The entire game’s creation took about three years to make and with that, you get about five hours of gameplay.

The Nintendo 64 came next into the family with its most sold copy of Super Mario 64 which sold 12 million copies and the console itself sold 32.98 million copies everywhere. The Wii is the second most-sold console from Nintendo selling 101.63 million copies and most of the reason is because of the Wii’s most-sold game Wii Sports, unfortunately, its servers are already shut down but there are still fan-made servers that are still up allowing you to continue playing your favorite Wii games with people around the world. 

Next up is the Wii U which made an unfortunately disappointing sales of just a little over 13 million copies, and finally in the Nintendo family is the Nintendo Switch not only is it a home console, but it's also a handheld, so together it's a hybrid console with an outstanding sales of 139 million copies sold and even then you can still play those older generations from the past.

In conclusion, Nintendo started with the NES with the best game of their time, and released the next generation of its console the SNES with 10 million copies of Super Mario World. Progressing from there was the Nintendo 64 which sold 32.98 million consoles, and the Wii selling 101.63 consoles. Finishing up is the Wii U with 13 million consoles and their newest handheld console the Nintendo Switch selling 139 million consoles in just seven years.

Hey my name is Cristo I am a junior at Poudre High School 

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