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Transformative Style: The Art of Alex Grey

Alex Grey is an American American artist who paints in a style of psychedelic, kaleidoscopic and fractal design. He uses a medium of acrylic and oil paints. He is mostly known for exotic style of painting and his partnership with the band TOOL which he started in 1999, having the task of designing the album covers for the albums "10,000 days," "Lateralus," and "Fear Inoculum."

Grey was born November 29, 1953, in Columbus, Ohio. After dropping out of Columbus College of Art and Design he moved to Boston to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts. After leaving the school he met his soon to be wife Allyson at a party where they both ingested LSD and later bonded over the experience

Following the experience, at Harvard medical school, Grey used to harvest cadavers resulting in him learning human anatomy. Grey also taught anatomy and figure sculpture at New York University for a period of ten years. He is best known for seeing through 3d human paintings, images that x-ray “the multiple layers of reality. In 2004 the CoSm (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) was located in the heart of New York City. The place is sort of a cathedral of art in a sense. A lot of Alex’s pieces are on display for tourists, and offer a variety of different environments.

Grey is an artist known for his exotic techniques and psychedelic themes. He is known for designing the album covers for the band TOOL. he uses a complex thinking process with his painting

“Twenty-five years ago I took my first dose of LSD. The experience was so rich and profound, coupled as it was with the meeting of my future wife, Allyson, that there seemed nothing more important than this revelation of infinite love and unity. Being an artist, I felt that this was the only subject worthy of my time and attention. Spiritual and visionary consciousness assumed primary importance as the focal point of my life and art. My creative process was transformed by my experience with entheogens.”

From this quote he explains that his passion for art was even stronger than before, kind of like a moment of enlightenment. He experienced a moment of Nirvana and Liberation, while simultaneously glimpsing into the Universal Mind Lattice and Indra's jewel net, which is a metaphysical concept suggesting an underlying essence of all being and becoming the universe.

This painting is entitled, "Net of Being," and is the cover art of the TOOL album "10,000 days." "10,000 days" is the fourth studio album of the American rock band TOOL. There is not very much information on the painting other than the title of it. Even without any information you can tell so much about the painting. Each and every part of the painting is detailed in such a very intricate way.

Sonny Nesmith is a senior at Poudre High School and is in his first year at the Poudre Press. Sonny runs Acrylic Arts, a blog based around art curation, creation, supplies, and other tips. Check him out!

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