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The Art of Kentaro Miura: A Style Unlike Any Other

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Recently I have started painting a mural. I have always thought about doing it but I have never actually tried. It's not located anywhere special. I'm just painting it in my room. My inspiration behind it is a colored illustration from the author and illustrator Kentaro Miura, known for the hit manga series Berserk. The character depicted in the photo above is known as Femto/The King of Longing. I am working on this piece sort of as a tribute to the artist and because it looks neat. I've always been a fan of the series, and was devastated when I heard the author had passed away so I decided to pay tribute to him.

Kentaro's art stands out unlike any other I've seen before. Towards the beginning of the series his art was still amazing, but you could tell that it was missing something. Even so I was still pulled in by the beautiful illustrations on each page. Every time I would flip through a page I was captivated by each and every detail, Even in the background you can make out every blade of grass, and even the cracks in a brick. The reason I find Kentaro's illustrations so captivating is because as an artist myself I can understand how much time and effort it takes to master a craft like that.

I started by sketching out the piece just with a pencil. I would make light strokes, then once I have gotten the rough sketch done I would move on by making darker more accurate lines. Once I have gotten the basic drawing done I start with a midtone. A midtone is a color between the light and dark. It makes the piece come together a whole lot easier and the blending process is a lot smoother than having to blend lights to darks or vice versa.

My plan going forward is to keep painting which will probably a a few more months. Even so I will continue to enjoy each and every moment.

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