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Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind has Poudre Students Laughing All the Way

Thursday, January 26, Poudre's Drama Club debuted their performance of six short plays from Greg Allen's Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. At the lunch bell, students crowded into the auditorium in anticipation, filling up half the seats.

The performance featured actors and technicians involved in Poudre Theatre. The students involved gave their time during lunches and off periods to put on a hilarious show.

It was, indeed, hilarious. None of the six short skits failed to get the audience laughing. Crowd involvement a key part of the show, and Poudre students loved it. Laughs lasted the entire show, interrupted only by excited cheering and clapping.

Actors in the show had to run their skits within fifteen minutes or less. Each was different and unique from the other five, and the variety showcased the skill of those onstage.

The technical crew was small, but their work made the show excellent. Running crew consisted mostly of students who are also participating in the upcoming production of Clue.

Theatre is one of Poudre's biggest areas of excellence. The passion of teachers and students that goes into our program is evident in performances such as this.

The school waits in anticipation for Clue performances, which will take place on February 23, 24, 25, and 26th. To finish the season, Almost, Maine will take place this spring. To get involved, or to find more information about performances, visit

Eddy Merritt is a junior at Poudre High School. She is the head author of Cacophony blog, and this is her first year writing for Poudre Press. She is deeply involved in Fort Collins culture and is inspired by the work her peers do. You can check out her blog, Cacophony, here.

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