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2024 Kaleidoscope Cover Picks!

With the end of the school year drawing closer, the PHS Kaleidoscope team has released the finalists for the cover for the school's Literary Art magazine this year. If you would like to help your favorite piece get selected, you can follow the link below to let your voice be heard! Vote Now!

Option #1: "Morning on the Washington Coast" Photo Submission

Option 2: "Filtered Through Maw and Marrow" Mixed Medium Collage

Option 3: "A Whale's Tale II" Acryllic, Plastic, & Paper on Canvas

Option 4: "Stillness in the West" Oil Paint on Canvas

Option 5: "Vulnerability" Mixed Techniques on Paper

The Kaleidoscope staff would like to thank everyone for the incredible submissions this year. Posts are coming soon with more info about the pieces that have been chosen for publication and the date for the publication party. Thank you for voting and letting your voice be heard for our finalists!

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