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The Fight To Recapture Kherson

A Ukrainian soldier fires a machine gun (Provided by REUTERS)

The Russo-Ukrainian war has raged for 9 months, with many dead on both sides, and massive losses of military equipment, and civilian infrastructure. The Russian Federation has been fighting to occupy and control major border regions of the Soviet Nation of Ukraine. The Russian Federation Announced its so-called "Special Operation" on February 24. The announcement by the Russian Federation has garnered a response from many members of the global community as being an illegal war, and an attempt by the Russian Federation to Take and occupy Ukrainian territory. Since February 24, the war has only worsened, as a sense of growing desperation by the Russian Federation's Military to make military gains, and continue to hold occupied territory.

The Invasion of Ukrainian by the Russian Federation military forces on February 24, was a shock for many. A great majority of people believed that the Russian Federation would have the strategic advantage and the superior military ability to crush the Ukrainian military easily. However as the Russian military pushed in further into the county, the Ukrainian forces fought a bend but do not break the strategy that over time whittled away at the Russian military large weapons stockpiles and military personnel. It is vital to note that so far the Ukrainian military has received significant military funding from many different nations. The outside military funding and supplies of the highly modern weapons being delivered to the Ukrainian military are making a decisive difference in the fight against Ukrainian. The Modern weapons that are being provided have allowed the Ukrainian military to use modern combat tactics that are extremely effective against the Russian Federation's style of USSR tactics

In early October the Ukrainian military began a major offensive around the major city of Kherson. The offensive around the Kherson oblast (region) drew in many Russian resources and tied down a great deal of the Russian military forces. The Ukrainian Forces launched a secondary offensive in the Kharkiv oblast (region), which led to a major Ukrainian breakthrough, and the collapse of the Russian defense line.

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By Mid-October the Ukraine forces had nearly pushed Russian Forces out of the Kharkiv oblast and liberated over 400 square kilometers (150 square miles). The strategic success of the Ukrainian offensive in the Kharkiv oblast, empowered Ukrainian commanders and forces to attempt to make more advances to liberate more territory. In late October Ukrainian forces began to apply more pressure in the Kherson oblast in the hope of finally liberating the major city of Kherson.

The transition from late October to early November has seen the Russian military devoting more and more military resources to trying to hold the strategic and symbolic city of Kherson, in the Kherson oblast. The Russian military has been in a state of falling back to defensive lines and this has only become so much more apparent as of November 9, 2022. The Russian government announced a retreat out of the critically important city of Kherson. The major city of Kherson has been a prize for the Russian Federation as it was the largest city they captured during the war.

The Russian military's willingness to give up the strategically important city of Kherson without a fight shows the desperation of the Russian military to hold on to its dwindling force strength, and to try to hold the little cohesion they have in their military units.

Jarin Clapp

Editor and writer with Poudre Press, Operation Copper Rain The Dream Of Operation Copper Rain

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