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Terror In The Ukrainian Capital, Following Drone Strikes

Fuel tanks at the port of Mykolaiv, set on fire after a drone strike, Picture provided by BBC News.

Monday the 17th of October saw a great atrocity occur in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. The Atrocity that occurred is one of the many war crimes that has been allegedly carried out by the Russian Federation throughout the 9-month-long Russia-Ukraine war. The Russian armed forces have been liked to many war crimes, such as deliberate, and indiscriminate attacks against civilian targets, massacres of civilian personnel, torture, and rape of children. Reports have also circulated of Russian Forces using cluster munitions. Cluster munitions are weapons such as bombs and missiles that have submunitions or many different explosive weapons inside of a single bomb or missile. Cluster munitions are extremely deadly as they can hit wide areas with many submunitions which makes it very likely that civilians will be hit in the wide strike zone.

The Russian Federation has deliberately chosen to attack civilian targets in the hope of crushing the Ukrainian people's will to fight. The Russian Federation on Monday, October 17 launched a wave of attack drones. The Drones are known as Shahed-136 and are built and provided to the Russian Federation by Iran nation. The Shahed-136 are remotely operated and can identify their target and then guild them self to the target. The drone acts like a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), and then they turn into a bomb that can be guided to the target and cause serious damage. The Wave of 28 Shahed-135 drones descended to hit the capital at around 9:30 MST (mountain standard time) and (03:30 GMT). In previous attacks, the destruction occurred at around rush hour to maximize civilian casualties and a to inflict a great deal of fear. The BBC article that covered this topic, talked about the sound of the Ukrainian anti-air batteries firing and hoping to destroy the incoming drones. 28 Shahed-135 drones fell on the capital of Kyiv with a reported 8 people being killed as of 12:15 MST, but the death toll is still possible to rise. Among the dead was a pregnant woman that had been killed in her apartment in the Shevchenkivskyi district.

The deliberate attack with the use of drones by the Russian armed forces is most likely in retaliation for the continued Ukrainian military successes in defending its country. The Drone attack on Kyiv was meant to strike fear into the Ukrainian people, however, the Ukrainian people this see this blatant attack by the Russian armed forces as just another reason to resist the Russian Federation's attempts, to take over parts of the Ukrainian country. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated to many news sites that "The enemy can attack our cities, but it won't be able to break us," said President Volodymyr Zelensky, describing the attacks as "terrorizing the civilian population." President Zelenskyy along with many fellow countrymen are dedicated to defending their country at all costs. President Zelenskyy has been the flag barrier for the message of no surrender, and as the war drags on into its 9 months of conflict it is still unknown when the bloodshed will end.

Jarin Clapp

Senior editor/writer with the Poudre Press, and head writer for OCR News.

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