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Syria In Crisis As Earthquake Recover stalls, Amide Added Pressure By Ongoing War.

A nation on the edge, as war and a major geological event, brings more pain and suffering to the people of Syria. The citizens of Syria and more specifically the citizens located in the north of the country were hit by a major earthquake early in the morning on February 6. The quake at one point measured 7.5 magnitudes with the epicenter around the city of Gaziantep, with many aftershocks creating more damage. An article published by Rhea Mogul, Gul Tuysuz, Isil Sariyuce, Kareem El Damanhoury, and Rob Picheta CNN, on Monday, February 6; reported that more than 4,300 people had died between Syria and Turkey, with the estimation that turkey had some 15,800 injured within the country after the quake. One of the greatest issues for Syrians was access to emergency medical care, Turkey had been the major health center for a large population of Syrians, but as hospitals in turkey become overwhelmed they were forced to stop injuries Syrians from being transported into the nation to receive medical care, thus the Syrian hospitals who had already been underfunded and war-torn buckled under the strain.

The rescue efforts In Syria are even more complicated as the areas in Syria that had suffered damage were also located in areas of conflict, where government forces were engaged in combat against Syrian rebels, Kurdish-led forces, Jihadist forces, Turkish-backed Syrian rebels, and the Turkish military. The Reflife situation has grown even direr as in the past Syrian government-controlled areas had stopped relief from entering combat areas, now houses areas that were starved of aid are in need of much more and it has become much direr as the little food and medicine run out. The hope now is that government forces will allow aid into the most hard-hit areas however there is much fear as the while quakes have ended the war continues and the violence is still present even in the rubble. Aid organizations are also under increasing pressure to provide aid however Major organizations are finding that that is easier said than done, as they are finding that major infrastructure is destroyed and many roads are impassable and unusable. This damage to roads is hampering the ability to move the necessary aid into the areas that need it the most just making it more difficult for Syrians to receive aid.

Jarin Clapp

Senior writer with Poudre Press, Head writer with Operation Copper Rain

Operation Copper Rain started with a dream of making news that was real-time, unbiased news, that could be easily accessed by readers all over the world. With an ongoing mission to uncover facts and find trusted resources, Operation Copper Rain is committed to providing the global population with the latest updates and thought-provoking news.


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