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Piper Caspian's Creative Writing

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Let it out, Scream, Give him something.

A voice says I don’t know where it’s coming from but I listen, I can’t hold it anymore. I scream out in agony fighting to keep on my feet, refusing to give the smug bastard the satisfaction of seeing me fall. I scream as my own magic turns against me, turning my veins black stretching out for my heart as I cry out. I cry for the boy who I wouldn’t destroy myself for, I cry for the son of my enemy, the descendant of the god burning my magic in my veins. I can barely keep myself on my feet, vision dancing as the magic creeps up my arms each second bringing more pain, every place the magic touches erupting into flames, the place it started burning as fiercely as ever.

Piper Caspian, a sophomore at Poudre High School posts their writing on their Instagram at @piper_caspian!

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