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PHS Scholastic Art Showcases Incredible Talent

In an annual event to admire and appreciate the creativity of the artistic community at our school, the PHS Scholastic Art Awards provide the opportunity for students to showcase some of the most incredible work of the year. This year was absolutely no exception. With an incredible collection of work in a wide span of mediums, this showcase truly shows the incredible talent of our community.

Congratulations and thank you to all people involved for sharing their incredible talents with our community. A special congratulations to Macy Pitts (12), Gwen Metcalf (12), as well as the 2022 staff of the Kaleidoscope Literary Magazine for their achievements!

If you are interested in other opportunities to share your art and creativity with the community, be sure to submit to this year's edition of Kaleidoscope and to the Poudre Press for the Community Spotlight!

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