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Oodles of Noodles with Libby Anziano

Community submission by Libby Anziano

Oodles and Noodles noodles and oodles you should try these delicious noodles!! The best-flavored ramen has been taste-tested by your Poudre High School peers. There are many different ramen to choose from which would include dry ramen, ramen in a bowl, to cup-of-noodles with wide-ranging, exquisite flavors to try.

Different Types Of Ramen Noodles:

Some of the ramen had seasoning packets while others had the seasonings already in the package ready to add water and cook to your liking. A few of the ramen that we had included Stir fry hot garlic chicken, Stir fry Korean spicy beef, Hot and spicy fiery beef, Hot and spicy shrimp, Buldak, and Hot and spicy sizzlin’ rich pork. Some of the other kinds of noodles we tried include Mike’s mighty good, Tapatio, rice with noodles, and even Dry ramen express ramen noodles.

Best Flavored Ramen Noodles:

Two of the ramen noodles that had the best flavor would be the Stir fry hot garlic chicken and the Hot and spicy fiery beef. The stir fry hot garlic chicken had the best flavor to it because of its fiery taste. The hot and spicy fiery beef was also good because it had a kick to it with the spice, it was a little too spicy though, and had a spicy smell to it.

Worst Ramen Noodle Flavor:

One of the ramen noodles that we had tried and people didn't like much was the organic Mike's Mighty Good noodles. They had said it was bad because it tasted like cardboard, didn't have enough flavor to it, and the consistency was pretty bad. No one really wanted to try Mike’s Mighty Good ramen again after its bad review from their peers trying it first.

Why Should You Care About Ramen Noodles?

People should care about the topic of ramen noodles because then they can find new ramen flavors to try. They can get a sense of what other flavors are out in the stores, they can also see the different quality of ramen by the look of it or by the different flavors the ramen has. You can get a good feeling for what flavorful ramen you want to try next.

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