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Is Mike's Mighty Ramen Worth it?

Is Mike’s Mighty Ramen worth it the taste? Should you consider spending your money on this noodle brand? Mike’s Ramen has its own website to buy their ramen, but they are also located in different grocery stores. This ramen is a healthier and more expensive brand of noodle. Their plan was to make noodles that are accessible to people with different food backgrounds.

I believe it's worth it! So if you plan on eating more on the healthy side and need something organic, Mike’s ramen is just for you. Some say its consistency is very different, but I believe that may be because people aren’t used to eating a different noodle brand, especially if it's on the healthier side. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan because I didn’t taste much flavor and I wasn’t looking forward to eating something healthy. I do think everyone should experience their ramen because everyone's taste is different.

Mike’s Mighty Ramen has so many different types of noodles, such as: Spicy, flavorful, and even vegetarian ramen soup They come in unique packaging that is different from the rest, so I wouldn’t judge it by the cover.

My experience with this noodle was eventful. I tried many different noodles, but the taste of these stood out to me because it wasn’t what I was used to. It tasted soggy, and the noodles were very thick. If I were to get these again, they would need my own personal seasoning. When I first looked at the packaging, I really wasn’t convinced to try it because it looked terrible due to the way it was packaged, which it did for me personally. It didn’t have much of a smell to it and its looked bland.

Overall, I won't be eating many healthy noodles, and I'll be sticking with what I am used to. But I do think it would be worth a try because, why not?

Credit for this incredible article goes to Bria Fears, she is a student here at Poudre high school. If you would like to read more article like this one, feel free to search Ramen in our Wix page for more articles.

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