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Fort Collins Museum of Art Calls For Volunteers

The Fort Collins Museum of Art opens up their next exhibit, “Picasso as Printmaker,” on October 28, 2022. As the museum expands and prepares to display over fifty Picasso art pieces, they are asking for volunteers who will help with supporting the upcoming exhibit.

The main purpose of volunteers will be to serve as tour guides and to inform attendees about the exhibit. “Picasso as Printmaker” will be an ambitious display, featuring a wide variety of the artist’s work from throughout his life and different periods of work. With such a famous artist on display, there is sure to be high attendance during the end of October. In a smaller space, tour guides have an important role in organizations.

Education and expansion of the arts within the community is a cause that our local museum focuses heavily on. They provide many resources and materials for students as well as supporting local artists. The most important role of volunteers during this exhibit would be to educate attendees about Picasso and the work on display.

As stated by an Instagram post made on October 14 by the museum, knowledge training will be provided and required for volunteers. This will include, ‘handouts, walkthroughs of the fifty three Picasso pieces, a chat with the owner of the collection and hands-on activities.’ Even without any previous art knowledge or experience, you will be well equipped to give extensive tours and educate the public as you volunteer.

The museum is looking for 10-15 people who want to learn and share their knowledge, and who are willing to commit their time to the museum. Volunteers will not be expected to attend every event, and scheduling is flexible. Volunteer shifts will be during weekends, special events, and open admission days.

“Picasso as Printmaker” opens on October 28, and will be open through February 5. It will be a well-attended exhibit, and volunteering is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience. If sharing art knowledge with your community is something you are interested in, you can contact the museum at, or call 970-482-2787. Additional information about the museum can be found on their website, here, or on their Instagram, @moafortcollins

Eddy Merritt is a junior at Poudre High School. She is the head author of Cacophony blog, and this is her first year writing for Poudre Press. She is deeply involved in Fort Collins culture and is inspired by the work her peers do. You can check out her blog, Cacophony, here.

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