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Community Spotlight: Mr. Moyer and Kaleidoscope!

Mr. Moyer has been a part of our Poudre community for a long time. He’s best known for teaching art classes at Poudre, specifically pottery classes, and for being the organizer of Poudre’s very own student-published literary and art magazine, Kaleidoscope! Kaleidoscope has been around since 1985, and is an incredibly important part of our Poudre community. Mr. Moyer has been the teacher sponsor of the magazine for the past 14 years. The only time this student-led collection of creative work has ever paused in publishing was in 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Students that are on the Kaleidoscope staff evaluate submitted work completely anonymously and the names attached to the work are not released until the published artworks are finalized. If you're wondering what to submit, the opportunities are endless! In past years the magazine has received paintings, drawings, poems, stories, ceramic creations, fashion designs, math proofs, original music, and much more all made by our amazing students.

Mr. Moyer encourages students to submit, even if it’s just one piece that they're proud of, “I know that there's a little risk inherent in sharing your creative work with other people, that’s part of why we want it to be anonymous so that the evaluation process can be as objective as possible, but we did take a hit during Covid as far as the number of submissions, and students even knowing what Kaleidoscope is because we had a whole group of ninth graders that came in two years ago, the year that is the only year we had to [put a pause on things],”.

The submission process is surprising simple and although it might feel a bit scary to put your artwork out there, it feels incredible to see your name and work in a magazine altogether with other talented artists from our very own school. Make sure to submit your original creative work before the 2023 deadline on March 3rd!

Wondering how to submit your work to Kaleidoscope?

Visit the Poudre High School Homepage and click on the Programs tab.

Once on the Programs tab, there will be an option to view the Kaleidoscope page. Click on it.

At the bottom of that page, there should be a blue link titled "Click here to Submit to Kaleidoscope".

Once you've clicked the link, the site will give you the option to sign in with your Poudre High School credentials, you will be given options to classify your submission as a specific media, and there will be a space for you to attach your work!

After submission, the Kaleidoscope team will see your work anonymously, and choose whether or not it will be put in the magazine.

If it is chosen, congratulations! You have been published!

Don't miss out and make sure to submit before the March 3 deadline!

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