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What is Futures Lab?

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Futures Lab:

Futures Lab has 11 pathways that you can choose from;

All of these pathways are taught right here at Poudre High School. Here is some information about Futures Lab from their website, "Futures Lab offers a learner-centered, hands-on experience that complements the learning at a student's home high school campus. Courses at the Lab support college and career readiness by allowing students the opportunity to deepen their learning, develop in-demand career skills, and earn industry-recognized credentials so they can graduate prepared to succeed in a changing world."

Advanced Manufacturing:

"The Advanced Manufacturing Pathway will develop learners' specialized skills and enable them to enter an industry in need of talented individuals. Learners will foster the knowledge and skills for the proper application of principles of manufacturing through hands-on learning with cutting-edge industry equipment. Local industry partners are excited to work alongside learners in this pathway to provide authentic and relevant experiences."


All three of these classes provide 5 credits and they all start at 12:45 and end at 2:15.

"Aviation is a growing industry with huge workforce needs over the next decade. Learners with an interest in professional piloting, air traffic control, unmanned aerial systems, or aeronautics can start growing their skills to get a step ahead in the field. Learners in the Aviation Pathway will earn their FAA Part 107 UAS Commercial Certification. This will allow learners to immediately enter the growing drone field through opportunities in research, mapping, and videography. Learners will operate, maintain, and design unmanned aerial vehicles developing both engineering and flight skills."


All six of these classes each provide 5 credits.

Behavioral Health:

"Learners in this pathway will be exposed to occupational opportunities, foundational skillsets, important interpersonal skills, and basic principles of behavioral health."

There is only one class that you can take in this pathway and that is Introduction to Behavioral Health Care and Wellness A & B, this class gives you 10 credits.

Buisness & Intovation:

"Learners in this zero-barrier pathway will develop an entrepreneurial mindset in this start-up style hub for innovation. Young entrepreneurs will partner will local businesses and community mentors, work in high-performing teams, and learn the ins and outs of project management. Learners will foster the courage to take on the unexpected and ultimately develop businesses for a better world. Learners in this pathway will also be able to earn their Entrepreneurship & Small Business certification offered through Certiport."


All four of these classes provide a different amount of credits. two of these four classes provide 5 credits and one of them provides 10.


"This pathway has two distinct tracks to help you explore the hands-on, high-skilled world of construction. Whether you choose Design Build or HVAC/R, you will be learning the fundamental principles and skills needed in this in-demand field. In both tracks, learners will experience an authentic workplace environment where they will problem-solve, collaborate, and communicate using industry-standard practices."

Design Build:

"Learners will focus on the fundamentals of design theory, architectural hand-drafting skills, and proper safety precautions. After learning how to conceptualize and design small buildings and parks, they'll research how to build them! Students will take field trips to construction sites and design firm studios to help inform their builds."


Four of these classes provide 5 credits and one of them provides 10 credits.

Students in Futrues Lab building

Culinary & Hospitality:

"Join us to delve into the relationship between a guest and a host, a connoisseur and a chef, or a tourist and a guide. This is the Culinary and Hospitality Pathway."


  1. Prostart 1

  2. Pro start Business Economics

  3. Prostart 2

  4. Work Based Learning; Culinary & Hospitality

  5. Capstone; Culinary Arts

Two of these five classes provide 5 credits, and two more classes provide 10 credits.

"Learners in this pathway will discover multiple facts of early learning success as they engage in their hands-on experiential learning. Students will understand how to create the circumstances for successful growth and learning for birth to age 8 learners. Learning structures include technology, collaboration, and creativity. This pathway is one to two years and learners have the opportunity to earn PSD credits along with 12 CE credits per year at no cost. Students who complete two full years in the pathway can earn up to 24 CE credits."

2023-2024 Concurrent Enrollment Courses (6 - 12 CE Credits):

  • EDEC 101 - Intro to Early Childhood (3 CE credits, 5 PSD Language Arts credits)

  • EDEC 103 - Guidance Strategies for Children (3 CE credits, 5 PSD Elective credits)


Out of these four classes, all four of them provide 5 credits.

"Learners in this pathway will experience an authentic workplace environment where they will problem-solve, collaborate, and communicate using industry-standard practices. Learners will develop resourcefulness and collaboration skills as they work in development teams with their peers."


"This Pathway can also award CS246 Mobile App Development through AIMS Community College for students who complete the concurrent enrollment paperwork. Learners will be given more specific information at the beginning of the semester they are taking the Coding Pathway."

Networking & Cybersecurity:

"Learners in the Networking and Cybersecurity Pathway will complete challenging hands-on tasks that will prepare them for careers in an evolving industry. Learners will diagnose security risks, manage networks, and delve into the world of ethical hacking. The ability to earn multiple industry-valued certifications will enable learners to compete for attractive positions within the field. After developing their skills and mindsets, learners will have the opportunity to intern with professional information technology services to further apply their skills in the real world."


Five of these classes provide 5 credits, and three of them provide 10 credits.

"Learners in this pathway currently have the option to dive into the world of Audio Production. Audio Production students will be learning the fundamentals of editing and producing audio content using the Ableton software."

Audio Production:

"Learners in the Audio Production & Management Pathway will develop technical skills with an emphasis on production. Learners will be able to explore potential audio production careers such as audio for radio and television broadcasting, audio for video and film, audio for animation and game design, music production and live sound, and additional entrepreneurial opportunities and skill sets. Creators would be prepared to earn their Ableton certification."

Student making music


Three classes provide 5 credits and one class provides 10 credits.

"Living in Colorado, we are surrounded by a complex system of natural resources and wildlife. More than ever, it’s important to learn how to cultivate and protect our natural surroundings. This new pathway at Futures Lab will introduce students to the fundamentals of forestry and Colorado wildlife through a mix of classroom and outdoor learning. Students will learn the principles of dendrology, forest science, and forest fire behavior. Field activities to various locations are included to enhance the students' understanding of Colorado native birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and fish."

Student out in nature learning


Five classes provide 5 credits, and one class provides 10 credits.

"Courses available in both automotive and bicycle technology."


Two classes provide 10 credits and one provides 5 credits.

Student Working on a motorcycle

Student working on a car fuse box (also called an integrated power module (IPM))


Hello, I'm Kallee Parks and I am a junior at Poudre High School. I am just starting at the Poudre Press and I am looking forward to learning more things. I enjoy painting, cooking, animals, spending time with my family, and being outdoors. Someday I hope to be a culinary chef with my restaurant.

Kallee's School Survival Guide:


Futures Lab Home:

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