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The Ukrainian Counteroffensive To liberate The Kherson Oblast, Is It A Turning Point In The War?

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

The Ukrainian-Russian conflict has risen to very high media coverage and has been moved to the back of the screen and the back of our minds as of late. However, even if we do not hear about the conflict in Ukrainian to such an extent as the first few months of conflict, does not mean it has concluded and death and destruction rain an end. In fact, the Ukrainian Russian conflict continues to this day as a full-out war. The Ukrainian military was seen as the underdog of this conflict with The Russian Federation military holding a great deal more military power and overall capability. However, with the war raging on into its seventh month, the balance of power has shifted to favor the Ukrainian military. For the first few months of the Ukrainian conflict Ukrainian forces have been significantly outnumbered both in equipment and capability. However, Ukrainian forces have been grinding down Russian military strength and capability which to this point has started to even out the playing field. Ukrainian forces are still outmatched when it comes to The Russian Federations Military and its actions on the front lines. However, Overall The Ukrainian military is in a better position to launch a counter-offensive to drive the Russian Military out of the city of Kherson and the Kherson oblast region.

Ukrainian forces are pushing south along the west and east sides of the E58 highway towards Kherson. On the Ground Reporting by CNN and other independent news agencies has suggested that Ukrainian forces have broken through the Russian defensive. a CNN report stated "apparent surprise counter-offensive forced Russian troops onto the back foot and prompted a pro-Kremlin official to call for evacuations". The current news and information Point to a major Ukrainian advance continuing to make strong headway toward Kharkiv. Ukrainian forces while advancing down the E58 highway, are also advancing to the west of the T2207 highway northwest of the E58 advance. The current direction of the west T2207 advance is towards the city of Beryslavkyiraion, this driving advance is creating a wedge deep into the fragmented Russia defensive line. Ukrainian Breakthrough to the west of the T2207 is ultimately driving towards the River of Kohovs'ke Vodoskhovyshch in the hope of cutting off Russian military forces to the northeast of the line of advance.

Ukrainian forces are continuing to make progress with major Breakthroughs along the defensive line Northwest of the city of Kherson, and to the northeast along the T2207 road. Ukrainian forces continue to drive forward in the hope of making a larger breakthrough.

Jarin Clapp is a senior at PHS and runs Operation Copper Rain, an international news blog. The mission of OCR is to bring informative local and international news, with fact-based reporting that drives a community based on facts and truths. Check It Out Here!

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