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The Rise of PlayStation

When you think of video game consoles you think of PlayStation but do you know how they became one of the top dogs of gaming? During the development of SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), Sony coalbed with Nintendo for the first time creating the SPC700 sound chip giving the SNES a superior sound compared to its competitors this opened a future with Nintendo and Sony with their next collaboration being disk add on for the SNES being called the PlayStation but it was quickly discontinued due to Nintendo fearing that sony could betray them quickly backing out of the contract humiliating Sony. in retaliation using the knowledge they gained from

the failed partnership created the PlayStation-X this console was a 32 bit console using disk’s instead cartridges making the system double as a media player witch sony based in commercial use and on the 3rd of December of 1994 the Sony PlayStation was released in Japan launching with Namcos Ridge Racer being a near perfect port of the arcade version The Playstation was a commercial success with its revolutionary 3d graphics selling more than (at the time) SEGA’s Saturn system and providing competition against Nintendo until September 9th 1996 Nintendo released the N64 and with Sega releasing the dream cast caused Sony stock to fall causing Sony to work on their next gen console code-named Project X. Starting rumors to start about the ps2 and when it was leaked that sony was trying to send dev kits forcing them to talk about their new and upcoming console showing some tech demos about their console showing how powerful their processor chips were saying that they created the most powerful consumer chip in the world these tech demos shocked

the world. and in March 2000 the PS2 was released making 250 million dollars on day 1 of its release coming with a built-in disk reader allowing DVD support and PS1 support allowing the console to run any PS1 games making the console stand out compared to the project Dolphin (the Nintendo Game Cube) and Microsoft’s newly released X-box and in 2004 sony released the ps2 slim a slimmer revision of the ps2 making the console more reliable and less power-hungry. In E3 2005 the PS3 was announced alongside the X-box 360 and Nintendo's Revolution and in 2006 they released the PS3 (fat) like its predecessor it was backward compatible with PS2 games. It was the first Sony console to use an HDMI port. Because of how powerful the console was it was used for medical research and linked 3 PS3's were linked to study black holes it was also Sony’s first attempt to adding an online service to their consoles even with all of these features the PS3 was ultimately a commercial flop with its expensive price point (over 300 dollars) this was because of its built-in blueray dvd player the DVD players alone were over 1000 dollars (at the time) raising the overall price of the console after this sony made two revisions of the ps3 creating the slim and super slim consoles losing their backward compatibility with the ps2. In February of 2013, Sony announced the successor of the PS3 the Playstation 4 in collaboration with AMD they had the “most advanced processor to

date” realizing on November 29 2013 it outsold Microsoft’s X-box One after they said that “the Xbox has to be connected to the internet to play anything” making sonys marketing job way easier during the years of the PS4 it received 2 revisions one slim revision and the pro making the console run games a lot smother and in 4k.` These are some of the many reasons why Sony’s PlayStation line of consoles where successful during their time 

My name is, Luismiguel Reyes Gonzalez Garcia the 5th. I am currently a junior in Poudre High School. In my spare time, I like to play games or bug my cousin to play games with me. I am currently working as a host/busboy in a restaurant. My goals are to be a successful person in life but I can't do that unless my computer turns on. If you want to see more of my stuff go here

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