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The Perfect Person

Beauty isn't portrayed as one thing people see and view beauty in many different ways our thoughts on beauty have changed through generations and cultures and they will continue to change and evolve but can we get them to go away entirely? Is there a way to not feel pressure from society to look and dress a certain way is that a world that could even exist and a world that we would genuinely be able to live in? What someone looks like is the first impression we get of them. You notice what people are wearing before you even get a chance to get to know them, that is why beauty standards have developed because we know someone through how they look more than through who they are.

A study was put together by five different beauty gurus, looking through their articles they describe the different types of beauty that are recognized in Pakistan, Sweden, South Korea, and more. Through these cultures, we see a vast diversity in what is considered beautiful. Starting with Pakistan it states that "feminine beauty was defined as having fair skin, almond eyes, long hair, and a petite figure," not only do they have a genre of what is beautiful but they have a certain eye color and even a length of hair that is considered to be beautiful. These standards are ridiculous and impossible to keep up with. In Pakistan, there isn't a lot of diversity throughout the culture so it seems as if they only have one look for women to uphold. If we think about marriage in Pakastain culture we see that there is a lot of pressure put on women to be "well-groomed," and presentable to be fit for marriage. In Pakistan, salons are very easy to access to get into and they are very affordable unlike in the US. Going into the salon "is a common ritual in Pakistan," and they don't have to do it when necessary they can go into a salon whenever they want with no pressure of cost. The role of body hair comes largely into play in Pakistan, most women go through pain to get waxed often because having body hair is considered to be ugly, but it is a normal thing for everyone, and feeling pressure to get rid of it often is hard, especially with how fast it grows back. It is hard to keep up with keeping yourself silky smooth at all hours of the week. Then the color of your skin comes into play, most people in the US believe that being light or pale is not pretty they fake tan and sit out in the sun for hours to get a tan, but in Pakistan being dark is ugly being pale is beautiful. "It’s a subject that bothers me because all skin colors have their beauty." Beauty changes but there is no reason to put so much stress on someone based on their looks and especially based on their skin, everyone is beautiful and deserves to know it.

Beauty standards in South Korea are vastly different. In Korea the look of your skin isn't just about the makeup you put on your skin to make it look good it is about your skin naturally having that perfect look to it, it is called the "skin first mindset." Skincare in Korea is very different from skincare in the US, here most don't use skincare unless a problem is developing that calls for skincare, but in Korea "having a beauty regimen is almost like a lifestyle." It isn't just about getting rid of blemishes when they appear but something that is part of everyday life. In Korea, there is a 10-step routine that some use every morning and night. "oil cleanser, a water-based cleanser, toner, exfoliator, essence, serum, sheet mask, eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen." Using this every day is a normal part of everyday life in South Korea, and having this routine is very different from other cultures.

Beauty in Sweden is another different story. Sweden isn't about fitting in and looking the same but about standing out. "Sweden is a place that rewards people who challenge norms." Hearing this is quite different from what we have read about South Korea and Pakistan. Even though people challenge the average looks in Sweden culture they still have beauty standards that the world had portrayed for them. Usually involving "tall blonde girls in swimsuits," as portrayed in movies. We see a very different thought on skincare routines in Sweden from South Korea, in Sweden "a beauty routine is about finding time to slow down and take care of both my body and soul," In Korea having a skincare routine was part of your lifestyle but in Sweden it was something you maybe did once a week to calm your body and mind and take time for yourself. In Sweden beauty isn't one look. That is how it should be for the entire world.

When we look through this article and read about the different types of beauty in each country we see that there is diversity in beauty and how we view beauty but there is still a standard to follow in each different country, although beauty varies there is never a time where people are not thinking about their appearance or others appearance. I hope that in the future we build there won't be a standard to fit into, I hope that being ourselves will be enough one day.


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Grace VerCauteren is a junior at Poudre High School, and she is very passionate about beauty and the standards that society has set up for us to live in. Someday these standards will change and we will no longer have to live a life for others but a life for ourselves.

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