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The American Teen Princess Podcast: Episode One - The Whole Shebang

Content Warnings: Language, Crude Humor, Vulgarity

The views expressed by The American Teen Princess Podcast are not necessarily representative of the views of The Poudre Press, Poudre High School, or Poudre School District.

The American Teen Princess Podcast is brought to the Poudre community by Andrea Schisler and Nina "Abigail" Low. In Episode 1, they discuss the best of the worst movies and what makes them "so damn good."

In their debut episode, Andrea and Nina discuss their favorite bad movies, where they come from, who makes them, and what makes them so entertaining! A shocking and show-stopping debut, join us for some thought-provoking commentary, niche references, and jokes that only we find funny.

If you also love weird and entertaining movies, be sure to join us during Film Club every Thursday at lunch in room 231!

Nina Low is a sophomore at Poudre High School and a member of the IB pathway, band, and film club (I know, what a dingus, right?). They like good music, horrible movies, and generally being obnoxious - they are quite good at it.

Andrea "The Schis" Schisler is a junior at Poudre High School. She has been held on suspicions of being a dork. She failed her driver's test twice and should be regarded as extremely dangerous. If seen, do not attempt to reason with her. It won't work.

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