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TEDx Mountain Avenue Ramps Up For March Event

The Poudre community has long been dedicated to the betterment of ourselves as well as society around us. One of the most incredible ways that dedication has expanded in the last year has been the TEDx Mountain Ave event that started last year. This incredible event continues this year with a new theme, new speakers, and some incredible messages to explore.

This event is and will continue to be student-focused with current and past students largely in leadership positions and helping to make this event the incredible spectacle that it is. If you are a student at Poudre School District presently, tickets are completely free for you, just go on to the ticket website (found here) and select General Admission and the Student Ticket option.

For all others wishing to attend the event, there are two ticket options available. The $10 General Admission ticket is for anyone just wishing to join the event and listen to the amazing speakers. The $50 VIP tickets not only have reserved seating and unique TEDx Mountain Ave merchandise but also goes toward keeping the tickets free and available for students in the future.

Tickets are now available for purchase and we'd love your help getting the word out. We'd also love to see you at the event.

  • The event will be in the Poudre High School Auditorium and doors will open at 4:30

  • Talks start at 5:15 and run till about 7:30ish (with a short intermission)

  • We will have a reception with light refreshments after the talks where people can share ideas and meet the speakers. This will be catered by our amazing catering students.

  • Impalaphonics will be performing as people arrive

  • Our leadership team is made up of PHS, Rocky, FRCC, and CSU students as well as current and former PHS staff.

  • Our mission statement for TEDxMountain Ave: At TEDxMountainAve, we are student-empowered from the ground up. From leadership to production to speaking, our roles in this event allow us to be the leaders of today in order to change the world for the better tomorrow. More information can be found on our website:

We thank you for supporting the Poudre Community as we continue to grow and learn together!

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