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Super Mario Wonder review

Nintendo just released their new 2D Mario game called Super Mario Wonder and this article will be a review of the game. Since Mario Wonder is a 2d platformer it will play just like the older games like wall jumps ground pounds ETC but with some new twists like the Wonder-flower the Wonder-flower is a flower that is somewhere in the course collecting it will take you to an alternate or goofy version of the level like switching the camera to an isometric view or turning you into a Goomba! this makes every level unique in its fun way, my favorite wonder levels are when it turns Mario into a jelly blob or when you jump into space! or the Metal-Head Mario level these and more make the

Wonder flower

game even better to replay. The game becomes even better with the new badge feature it makes levels way more easier and fun, each badge in the game adds its spin, at the start of the game you are required to get the parachute badge then you are given a tutorial for the badge. The parachute badge is used while your character is in midair you would have to press and hold R or continually shake the joy-con after you collect the badge you are then to collect more as you progress into the game, there are three types of badges Action, Boost, and Expert badges, action badges are active on use, boost badges are active the entire time but only certain ways is it active. The music in this game is also one of the best aspects of this game it makes the game feel like a cartoon and the goofy music you hear in the wonder flower sections is also very unique it really makes you feel like you're in a different version of the level like if you were really there a neat part about this game is

the easter eggs and hidden details of the game like in the first level you can see the mushroom kingdom in the background or callbacks to old games like metal Mario, other references are the music levels which would play old Mario themes like the classic Mario theme. Some of my favorite details are if you run over music block’s and you put a controller over your ear and you can hear the controller to play music or like how all characters and enemies are animated like if you throw a fireball at an enemy they will get scared if you miss or how Elephant Mario will get stuck in a pipe before falling in a small detail that is only in this game is that all the enemies will look at the player and they will act surprised when you jump over them all characters like Mario Luigi Etc have new facial expressions depending on what their doing

if they get hurt they will have a hurt expression or smiling when they kill an enemy. Overall this game is a must play if you own a Nintendo Switch Are number review would be a 9/10

My name is, Luismiguel Reyes Gonzalez Garcia the 5th. I am currently a junior in Poudre High School. In my spare time, I like to play games or bug my cousin to play games with me. I am currently working as a host/busboy in a restaurant. My goals are to be a successful person in life but I can't do that unless my computer turns on. If you want to see more of my stuff go here

My name is Cristo Fernandez, I am a jouinor at poudre high school. I enjoy playing games with friends and possibly with new people. If you would like to learn more about me, go here

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