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Poudre Press: Week of Dec. 18th

Welcome back to the Poudre Preview, where we give you a look at upcoming events at Poudre every week. Let's make this last week of school a great one, and we will see you in the New Year!

Monday: Happy Monday Poudre! Remember that this week is finals week, so your schedule for classes will be a little bit different. Check the schedule below, and make sure to check in with your teachers if you have any questions.

Tuesday: Third and fourth period B classes will have their finals today. Good luck!

Wedensday: Remember, there is NO late start today! Third and fourth period A classes will have finals today.

Thursday: Every-day classes will have their finals in third and fourth period today, and B day classes will have their finals during first and second. Afternoon classes that only meet on B day are not being held today- enjoy your long afternoon! If you need to make up a final, you can do it this afternoon.

Friday: Every-day and A day classes will have their finals during first and second period today. There will be make up finals held this afternoon. Enjoy the half day, and have a great break Poudre!

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