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Poudre High School Class Rush

Poudre Press photo

As a soon-to-be graduating Senior finishing up my final semester at Poudre High, I am always proud of how many incredible opportunities and classes are available at Poudre High, and how I wish I would have more time to take the astonishing fun and rewarding classes that are provided at Poudre High School.

Poudre high schools Class Rush on January 11 was an opportunity for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to see the wide range of classes available at Poudre as they plan their schedules for there following school year. Poudre students are suggested to sign up for 60 credits each year, many students may feel as though they do not have a lot of time or opportunities to take the classes they want however, I am here to tell you that there is plenty of time to take the fun and exciting classes to at Poudre as well as other opportunities outside of the Poudre campus such as the future lab's program and classes at the front range community collage larmier campus.

Futures lab offers many classes that are more specialized and geared towards many different career paths including engineering and welding and many digital security classes and digital career paths. Another amazing program that offers many opportunities for Poudre students and that I can personally attest to being incredible is the dual enrolment program through Front Range Community college. Front Range Community college offers many classes that are college-level for high school students who are seeking the opportunity to gain college credits while still being high school students. students who are interested in classes outside of Poudre and also seeking college credit.

Club Rush was an incredible opportunity for Poudre students to see new and existing classes such as the new Poudre Bike Tec classes as well as Reporting and Editing. This article is going to be the first in string of many more to come to the Poudre Press highlighting the teachers and new classes that are offered at Poudre. The Poudre Spotlight will be relating new articles every week!

Jarin Clapp, senior editor with Poudre Press, Head writer with OCR

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Photos captured By by Poudre Press on 01/11/2023 at Poudre High School

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Thanks Jarin. Feel free to see me about writing about the new Bike Tech class. Your article reminded me of how I felt when graduating college and all of the classes I wish I would have taken. Mr. Golz

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