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Poudre High School Assembly; A Chance At Normalcy, And A New Year.

Poudre High School has been my home for 3 years, I have lived through what I would argue have been some of the hardest times for Poudre High School. I have lived through 2 years of COVID-19 that have laid waste to the "once in a lifetime" experiences. For many Poudre High School students and myself. Covid-19 has been a horrible ordeal that has destroyed two or three years of my high school, so many unique experiences were missed and relationships were lost. Many of you readers already know the damage Covid-19 has caused in your life and the lives of your family and friends. However, with a great cataclysm, comes a chance at re-birth, a chance to regain the lost experiences, or at least try to make new experiences in a new and different time. As Covid-19 draws down and the time we live in sets back to some sense of normalcy, I see that today that there is new hope and new experiences that lay ahead.

Today the 19th of September, occurred a most important and grand event occurred at Poudre High School. The Poudre High School assembly is to set off Homecoming Week! The Poudre High School assembly was the most fun I have had in 3 years and simply the best assembly Poudre High School has had in a long time. The Organizers of the event created a simply incredible performance that took me back to my days as a freshman.

One of the many great highlights of the assembly would have to be the Poudre Dance and cheer team which both showed off their amazing talents and choreography, I especially enjoined the stunts form the cheer team, where one of the members conducted a backflip while being held up in the air by the rest of the team. After the wonderful performance by the cheer team, I look forward to seeing them at the homecoming football game this Friday.

The assembly Incorporated some of the most fun and arguable fun games that exists, with musical chairs being arguable the most fun and enjoyable, however, the rollerblading while carrying water in a cup was also extremely fun. There is something so fun about being in a school assembly, and the experience just can not be replicated, whether it is the horribly uncomfortable bleachers, or the candy being hurled at your face at speeds of 100mph, you can always count on having the best time at Poudre High School Assemblies.

While the last several years have been a constant reminder of the chaos that can be around every corner, the opportunity to come together as a community served as a great reminder of what makes this school and this community so special. So to the freshmen, good luck and welcome to your first year in high school, don't forget to enjoy it while it lasts. To the sophomores and juniors, good luck with your classes and your march through high school towards the end. And to the seniors, keep it up, the end is in sight!

Homecoming Week Schedule

Monday 9/19

Spirit Day: PHS Spirit

Event: Groovy Party Assembly

Tuesday 9/20

Spirit Day: Neon Day

Event: RollerLand Rally @7-9pm for $9.50

Wednesday 9/21

Spirit Day: Ski vs Beach

Event: Powderpuff Football & Barbeque @ 7-9pm at the PHS Football Field

Thursday 9/22

Spirit Day: Twin Day

Event: Movie Night @ 6pm in the Courtyard

Friday 9/23

Spirit Day: Soccer Squad @ BBQ Buds

Event: Tailgate @ 6pm at French Field

Saturday 9/24

HOCO Dance 7-10pm @ PHS

'Sko 'Palas!

Writer: Jarin Clapp

Writer for Poudre Press, and lead writer for Operation Copper Rain News Site


Images courtesy of Isaac Morley the teacher for the Poudre Press


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