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Poudre At It Finest, Preview Night At Poudre.

Poudre High Theatre club at Preview night 11/02/2022

Poudre High School has been my home for 3 years, and the amount of truly incredible and life-changing memories that I have made is simply too many to count. However, one memory that stands out as one of my very first and brightest memories of Poudre High School, was the Poudre Preview Night. Poudre Preview Night is designed to welcome and bring new and incoming students into the Poudre High School community, and help reveal the many pathways and fun and interactive clubs, programs, and classes that Poudre offers.

Preview Night for me was an incredible experience that overwhelmed me with the diversity in classes, and opportunities through Poudre High School. It can be hard to highlight all of the courses and internship opportunities that are offered throughout Poudre High, however, there are a few classes and opportunities I would tell any new student to look into. The college-level math classes that are offered at Poudre High School are incredible and if you are looking for a top-tier math class I would recommend it.

The Humanities and English Classes here at Poudre are simply exquisite and offer only the best English dedication that any student can excel in. It can not be understated how much fun the classes are especially when you cut open your first frog in biology and it leads to an experience that can not be forgotten. It is also very important to point out all of the language classes that are offered. How much fun it is to learn a new language and struggle and of course learn that language's cuss words because it would not be high school if you could not say the F word in French, German or Spanish. Disclaimer: don't say the F word in the hallways, teachers hear everything, and they have to have incredible memories, I mean they have to learn and remember all of their students' names, which may sound easy until the teacher has one average of 90 students to teach each quarter. And of course, I will not forget the amazing woodworking and engineering department where you can make wood furniture and weld, and if you are not careful you can lose your hand in a circular saw.

Poudre showed off all of its incredible clubs and programs. programs such as the Poudre engineering P-TECH program, or Poudres work-based learning programs, where students can get high school credit for just working in a job. Poudre's incredible clubs range from the FFA agriculture club, Esports also known as the video game club, and Escape 970, the student-run escape room. There are countless more incredible clubs offered here at Poudre.

Poudre High School brought out its very best to welcome the new generation of Poudre Impalas, Go Poudre.

Jarin Clapp

Senior editor, head reporter for the OCR

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