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Oodles and Oodles of Noodles - The Spiciest Ramen!

There are plenty of different ramen brands out there, including spicy ramen. If you're looking for a new way to make your cheap ramen meals more interesting, follow this guide to the best spicy ramen. We had a survey go around rating each ramen on a scale of five on spiciness and put them to the test. Some of the noodles were dull, while others burned with heat.

Some of the lowest-rated noodles on the survey were the Tapatio shrimp and Stir Fry Korean spicy beef. Tapatio noodles had a mild taste that was undoubtedly noticeable but not enough to be called spicy. The texture was pleasant, while the smell was barely noticeable, resulting in an overall average ramen and being the least spicy-rated overall. The Stir Fry Korean Spicy Beef was one of the most controversial ramen; 37.5% said on the survey that it was about a two on the spiciness scale, while 37.5% said it was about a four. The noodles initially had a compelling taste with nearly no spice, but the aftertaste would come through and pack a punch. The smell was full of beef and lacked the "spicy" smell.

Sadly, most of the instant ramen ended up in the medium category. The Hot and Spicy Sizzlin' Rich Pork, Hot and Spicy Shrimp, Hot and Spicy Fiery Beef, and Stir-Fry Hot Garlic Chicken were all about a three on the spicy scale. The Hot and Spicy Sizzlin' Rich Pork was probably the least spicy out of the medium ones. The beef taste took over, while the spice was more of an afterthought, and you would need to realize you're eating something spicy. The Stir Fry Hot Garlic Chicken and Spicy Shrimp were standard and reasonably bland with spice and smelled slightly sharp but tasted enjoyable and had a bit of a kick, which I found the easiest to eat while still being spicy. Finally, the Spicy Fiery beef was a bit spicier while still having its flavor intact. The color was more reddish, and it definitely resulted in a peppery and hot smell.

Lastly, the hottest ramen we tried was the Buldak spicy ramen, resulting in an enormous rise of five on the spicy scale. This ramen has your nose running and mouth numb with spice. The color was a bright, fiery red, with a pungent smell that made your nose hairs rise. The noodles had a satisfying taste of chicken, but coming from someone who doesn’t eat spicy food, they were overwhelmed with the heat to the point where the heat was the only thing you could think about. The ramen was overall named the hottest for a reason.

If you're looking for more of a mild spice, I'd recommend one of the mild ramen, such as the Tapitio or spicy beef, because they had great flavor and smelled fantastic. If you're looking for something with a bit more kick, I'd recommend the Hot and Spicy brand because they maintain the integrity of their flavor while making you sweat. The buldak was extremely spicy, and if you want to be chugging milk in desperation, I’d recommend that brand. Overall, it was surprising how spicy some of them were and created a great kick to normal ramen. This experiment was very price-efficient yet added more interest to what high school and college students may be eating on a day-to-day basis.

Credit for this incredible article goes to Iris Anderson, who is a Senior here at Poudre High School. If you are looking for more amazing articles like this one you can search Ramen in our Wix page.

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