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One-shot: an unappreciated masterpiece

This Review will be formatted differently to the other 2, As one-shot Is a hard game to talk about without spoilers. So there will be light spoilers in this review when the non spoiler talk is out of the way. (with a warning)

One-shot is a 2014 rpg puzzle game made by Eliza Velasquez and night Margin.

The game focuses on a kid named Niko, who was taken from their home to save a dying world by bringing a lightbulb which functions as the worlds sun to the top of the tower.

In their adventure Niko meets several people who range in optimism about the world being saved.

One-shot is a genius game, It is beautiful and I 100% recommended

It is hard to get into One-shot however, the only gameplay is logic based puzzles, mixed with it's very slow and kind of tedious start, It makes one-shot Very hard to get into. It took serious effort for me to get past the first section.

Although it is still fantastic, and get little to no attention online, although being a beautiful game..

(From this point on there will be light spoilers I recommend playing before reading further the game is great)

The big twist with One-shot is that the game Messes with the file and takes the username from your Microsoft account, to call you by that in game, and the big thing, Niko will talk through the screen to you, to ask questions about your life, or Niko's life, This builds a very personal feeling bond with Niko, that makes them feel like a real person, And they run with this premise! the emotions this game makes you feel is really impressive and kind of beautiful. Niko goes on an arc and grows to learn the world they are trapped in, and becomes depressed and basically dependent you to return them home. It grows a very unique dynamic between you and Niko. which makes some moment's completely heart breaking.


One shot is a beautiful unique game, with a heart wrenching story, and beautiful characters.

Although it's hard to get into and it's pixel art is on the uglier side it is still a fantastic game!

I give it 9 pancakes out of 10

-Sam Randolph is a junior at Poudre High School and in her first year at the Poudre Press. Sam also writes a blog called Panopticon Reviews that you can check out for more awesome video game content and reviews. Be sure to check it out here!

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