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OMORI: A masterpiece of story telling

TW: Depression, suicide, and topics like that

OMORI is a game that means a lot to me, I beat it a few months ago and it quickly became my favorite game of all time. Although it's gameplay Is kind of basic, although very polished, it's story is fantastic, The characters, music, and everything about the story is basically executed perfectly, The story without spoiling much, Is about a Kid named Sunny, Who due to a trauma has become a hikikomori, (Shut in). Where he sleeps and lives in his dream world where his name is Omori! The story focuses on the trauma, and finding a lost friend, in the dream world!

OMORI was released in 2020 by OMOCAT, It went through development hell starting in 2014, The main gameplay mechanics are emotions, and calling on friends in battle, these together can change the way the turn based combat is done, although the combat is NOT the main focus it is still well done, and feels really responsive!

OMORI is an Absolutely beautiful game with a very realistic interpretation of depression, The colors, and music, Set the tone perfectly, Almost everything OMORI does it does really well. Although some of the sections go on for to long, and some others are to brief. But it's easy to look past those and focus on the beautiful story, unique enough combat, the art style, and everything else!

Although It does drag at times, A few times in headspace drag on for a little to long, and the final headspace area has some very poorly explain puzzles. But other than that it's great!

Good game go play it

Sam. Randolph. Jr is a junior at Poudre High School in her first year at the Poudre Press. Sam runs a blog based around video game reviews, called Panopticon Reviews. Check it out here!

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