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NFL Season Set to Begin

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

After almost 7 long months, NFL fans are hyped up to welcome back professional football. As it’s been since February since the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals to win Super Bowl 56, the NFL is ready to bring back action.

There are plenty of big games slated to take place over the next week. Thursday, the Buffalo Bills will take on the defending champion Rams on the first edition of Thursday Night Football. This may be the most anticipated game around the NFL fan base as the Bills were expected by many to be the Ram’s challenger in last year’s Super Bowl.

The first Sunday of the season will also bring many highly anticipated games. Two teams that are expected to be highly improved, the Lions and Eagles, are set to play in Detroit in the morning. Later in the afternoon, two divisional games will be held. The Vikings will host the Packers in Minnesota to attempt to take an early lead in the NFC North. Meanwhile, the Las Vegas Raiders will try to get an early edge over the Chargers.

Sunday Night Football is back on NBC, with a thriller to begin the 2022 season. The Tom Brady led Buccaneers will travel to Dallas to prove that the 45 year old Brady still has it in him after his almost-retirement.

For us Coloradans, the most exciting game for most will be on Monday night. The newly signed Russell Wilson will be taking on his former team in his first game as a Bronco. The Seahawks will not accept defeat easily however, as they would love to show Wilson they can win without him.

Every NFL Fan will tell you that this season has taken much too long to arrive, and we can all say we are glad to welcome it back. Continue to read this column every week for updates on the Nation Football League, and any important news that will come with it.

Jayden O’Bannon is the Lead Writer for the JOBA Report.

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