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New and upcoming games: November 2022

November has been a busy month for games, with God of War, Sonic, Bendy and a lot more, I have not played most of these games but I will state what I know

November releases!

These are the games that released in November 2022

God of war ragnarok

The new God of war game was released this month! As someone who does not own a PlayStation I have not gotten to play it, but from what I have heard, It is phenomenal.

The game continues the story of Kratos and Atreus, after God of war (2018), The game pushes variety specifically with enemies, The price for God of war Ragnarok is $70 and Is available on PlayStation!

Goat simulator 3

Goat simulator 3 Is a sequel to the original goat simulator, focused on multiplayer! I used to love Goat simulator, it was one of the first games I 100% completed, I have not tried Goat sim 3 yet but I am looking forward to trying it! The game is around 30$ and Is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows 10!

Bendy and the Dark Revival!

Bendy and the Dark Revival is the sequel to Bendy and the Ink machine from 2017! I have played this game, and it is better than the first game in just about every way, it's smooth to play, the art style is more defined and better used, and there is more gameplay and fewer fetch quests, in the game you play as Audrey who was brought into a mysterious world made of ink, where she went through a strange transformation, and tries to figure out what happens! The game is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows, and is 30$

Sonic frontiers

Sonic Frontiers is another game I haven't played as I do not like sonic, the game is based around Sonic, an open-world game like Breath of the Wild, I have heard very mixed things about this game, some people like it others hate it. In this game you play as Sonic, I do not know about the overall story or timeline as it is confusing, and I see a lot of contradictions with it, the game focuses on obstacle courses, and movement, it also has combat, but it is not as important as the movement. The game is available on, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC!

Upcoming releases

For this section, we will be looking at releases of December, and the first 2 months of 2023 as it is a slow few months

Hello neighbor 2

Hello, Neighbor 2 will be released in December of 2022, It will likely be a lot like hello neighbor 1, which was a hugely flawed game, I have some hope for Hello Neighbor 2, as they said they were focusing on the AI again, but we do not know if the AI will be any good or not.

Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is the sequel to Dead Island, this game has been worked on for years, and is releasing in February 2023, A lot of people are excited but I know nothing about the Dead Island games.

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is coming out in February 2023, It is the sequel to 2018's the forest which was a phenomenal Horror survival game. I am really excited for Soft, as It is pushing the already revolutionary AI of the forest even further, with the AI reacting with emotions, learning how you build, and common trap spots, this game is also adding seasons, so they will respond differently with that aspect as well, along with the original game already having perfect survival mechanics, and great horror elements, mixed with everything else, this game will be great!

-Sam. Randolph is a junior in Poudre High school

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