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Name Brand vs Generic Brand

When you go to a grocery store you will se a whole ton of stuff from food to clothing but you see two brands witch do you chose? Generic brand or name brand? This article will be talking about witch would be a better bang for the buck. When you go and buy a food you will see two brands for it like

Kellogg's vs great value witch would you chose this is what miss McGinty and her catering 2 class decided to find out they both decided to make beef and chicken nachos using name brand ingredients and generic ingredients these ingredients consist of: chicken breast, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, guacamole, jalapeno pepper, white onion, tomatoes, chips, ground beef, chicken seasoning and beef seasoning both the generic and name brand versions. The beef team started off by preheating a pan and putting some oil in it then prepping the meat while team chicken started off by cutting the chicken breast’s in to medium size cubes and rubbing chicken seasoning on to it,

then letting it cook until it reaches 165*F while flipping the sides constantly while the chicken cooks they prepped the chips by grabbing a metal tray and putting a baking sheet on it. Then spreading the nacho chips around with the shredded cheese then they put in an oven for a few minutes to let the cheese melt while the the cheese was melting they prepped the tomatoes and made caramelized onions by using julienne cuts and cooking them in the same pan the chicken was cooked in, once the chips came out of the oven  they put the chicken on the chips along with extra cheese, sour cream, shredded tomatoes, guacamole and the caramelized onions. On team beef’s side they made black beans and the ground beef. It was prepped by dropping the beef in to a pan while cooking the meat as split in to smaller pieces using a spoon adding water and some taco seasoning.

The beef was cooked to 160*F while the black beans were cooked until boiling. they also prepared their chips the same way as team chicken but added the beans instead of caramelized onions. After all of that it came down to the taste test both teams tried the name brand and generic brand nachos and both sides

decided that generic nachos tasted better that the name brand ones did but why? Isn't the most expensive ingredients usually better? In some cases yes, but sometimes it's better to get the cheaper generic brand because when you compare generic brand seasoning to name brand the generic brand will

have more for half of the price from the name brand each sides have their pros and cons like name brand it is more reputable and could taste better in some cases it all depends on personal preference and you budget for example can you afford frosted flakes or do you have to endure to sugary oats? Or you like the taste of the generic candy bars than a cliff bar it all depends on what situation your in.

My name is, Luismiguel Reyes Gonzalez Garcia the 5th. I am currently a junior in Poudre High School. In my spare time, I like to play games or bug my cousin to play games with me. I am currently working as a host/busboy in a restaurant. My goals are to be a successful person in life but I can't do that unless my computer turns on. If you want to see more of my stuff go here

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