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Mountain Biking Injuries

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

When it comes to injuries, mountain biking has quite a few that you can get. Some of the most common injuries include skin abrasions, joint sprains, carpal tunnel, lower back pain, broken collar bone, broken leg, broken arm, concussions, and dislocations. Those are not the most extreme injuries. Some of the more extreme injuries include collapsed lung, ruptured kidney, severed artery, nerve damage, broken neck, and in severe cases, death. Mountain biking is not for the faint-hearted. It is one of the more dangerous sports that people can do. Mountain bike trails are rated based on difficulty. Green is the easiest, blue more difficult, orange freestyle, black most difficult, double black super difficult, and red is expert. Most places have all trails from green to red. In every bike park, there is almost a serious injury. Whether it be a broken collar bone to broken vertebrae. Most injuries that people get can be walked off but in some cases, they have to close the trail, send a team with a stretcher and get the injured person. If it’s a hard-to-reach location they can and might use a helicopter. Getting injuries in races is not that uncommon, especially in enduro races. Enduro races typically have four stages from easy to technical. Most of the injuries usually happen in the third or fourth stage because that's when the trail gets steep and sketchy. In many cases, the rider has to be rescued and brought off the trail to allow the other riders to pass. Injuries can happen anywhere though, not just at some event. Let's say you are going up Timber at Lory State Park Colorado and you come upon a technical part and your tire slips off the trail and you have to bail. That can and most likely will cause some form of injury whether it be cacti in the hand or cuts to a broken or sprained ankle or wrist. A somewhat funny and random injury that happens more often than you would think is road rash from biking with your dog. Many people bike ride with their dogs and many people have gotten hurt by doing so. Someone In the northern area of Laporte Actually sprained his ankle after his dogs knocked him over. Getting skin abrasions is fairly common, especially if you have good pedals. Slipping off your pedals is really easy. It’s also a super common thing that happens to all riders. Ask any mountain biker if they have ever slipped off their pedals, bet they’ll say yes. Now all of these injuries aren’t all that serious compared to what happened to Remy Morton at LoosefestXL. Remy suffered 2 broken bones, a ruptured kidney, collapsed lung, and broken vertebrae in his neck. He was in a coma for a month after and is now slowly making his way back to his mountain biking career. In fact, he is participating in RedBull JoyRide, and Crankworx Whistler this year, even after all of his severe injuries.

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