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Mexican Revolution Party at Holy Family Church

When it comes to celebrating, a lot of people like to throw a party to have a good time, it's when adults can leave their kids unattended for 20 minutes without getting in trouble so that's what the Holy Family Church decided to do.

At 9:00 AM the Holy Family Church celebrated Mexico's Independence on September 16. Since the party was a fundraiser event some concession stands were set up you would buy stuff with pink tickets. These stands gave out

food and drink, like Carne asada tacos, Birria (red beef tacos), pupusas (flatbread stuffed with cheese or meat), corn on the cob, and curled potato chips one person said " the carnitas” were their favorite, since a lot of Mexicans like throwing big parties, if you would ask to join they would accept you with open arms. Around 9:00 PM everyone gathered up around a stage to hear “El grito de México”(The scream of Mexico) where a man holding the Mexican flag would yell out “¡Viva nuestra Independencia Nacional! ¡Vivan los Héroes que nos dieron Patria y Libertad! ¡Viva Hidalgo!” (go our independence!, go to those who helped liberate us! And Go Hidalgo (he was a Mexican revolutionist)) while the crowd

would chant “VIVA!” (Live) after every statement, then the man with the flag would hand it over to a man wearing traditional Mexican clothes on a horse and would start prancing around the stage while Mexico's National anthem played in the background. One person said, “It was very enjoyable for Hispanic inheritance as a place where people can celebrate their roots”. After that, a band of church folk started playing Mexican music (like banda music) while people spread out to do their own thing like going to get food and or drink or just sitting on the benches. An interviewer said “I feel like it was one of the best parties they had. It was made by Hispanics for Hispanics'' making the night more enjoyable. While some people went to dance these dances were varied with cumbia and northeñas people danced doing their own thing or couples doing the same dance. Around 10:40 PM A local radio group arrived to

perform, so people started to line up at the church’s Dance hall. The entry was 5 tickets and started to play loud music. Some people went to some tables to eat their food while some

watched people dance better than them. Some groups of people started to go around to the color-filled dance floor. The party ended at 12:00 PM when everyone started to clear out and help clean up the parking lot and dance floor. Although no after-parties were thrown, the spirit of Mexico burns brightly in people's hearts.

(Thanks to, Jerry Fernandez, la.arelyy, Arrieta_love, yelbani_arrieta, isabella_la8264, and e_barroso983 on snapchat for making most of these images possible)


My name is, Luismiguel Reyes Gonzalez Garcia the 5th. I am currently a junior in Poudre High School. In my spare time, I like to play games or bug my cousin to play games with me. I am currently working as a host/busboy in a restaurant. My goals are to be a successful person in life but I can't do that unless my computer turns on. If you want to see more of my stuff go here

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