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Kindest Moments: Interviews with the Poudre Community

Mo: Okay, what is the kindest that thing anyone has ever said to you?

[person 1 laughs]

Person 1: I had a friend who told me I was a really inspirational person that was able to allow him to somewhat pursue his dreams and kinda help him out. And also kinda be there for him in his stressful times.

Person 2: I remember one time when I was little, I was having a really bad day and this person, out of nowhere, just kinda said that he likes my shirt and it really brings out my hair. And I was really insecure about my hair when I was little because I had a bowl haircut, so, it was like a genuine bowl, but it was really nice of him and it was just a random person.

Person 3: Being kind is like, how like- who it is and like, what their relationship to you is. I think just like, having people tell you that like, they do things because of you, or like, I don’t know, something like, reminds them of you. I don’t know, like, that stuff makes you feel good!

Person 4: Probably that for the first time in a long time I actually looked like I was happy with myself.

Person 5: Probably the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me was, I think it was one of the stories I was telling him (points to a friend), at a scout count, I was told, “You’re gonna go far”, by just some random person, when I was teaching people how to do things when they were 5 years older than me. And I was teaching them how to do, like, scout stuff.

Person 6: Probably when I was at Lory State Park, at the terrain park, and I was teaching someone how to jump it on their mountain bike and they said, “Dude you’re insanely good at a bike, I would love to get your Instagram and teach me how to do better stuff.” Like that just hit me deep and stuff, and ever since then I’ve just been committed to doing mountain biking videos and stuff.

Person 7: I think this one time, so I play bass in a band and like, after a show, someone came up to me and was like, “You’re so cool, I wish I could be like you.” And like, that was like, the coolest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Person 8: Probably just that I was super caring and super honest and just, a good human being in general.

Person 9: Oof, that’s hard. I think it’s that you’re an open person, you’re an open book, you’re always kind, and that you just try not to hide stuff from people.

Person 10: Probably when people like, compliment my outfits during the day. It really like, builds my self esteem up and stuff like that.

Person 11: Okay, one time my mom said I was a handsome boy.

Person 12: Hey, nice haircut, it looks great!

Person 13: I like your shoes.

Person 14: I think when I got my black belt and my sister said she was really proud of me, and that just felt nice.

Person 15: Wait hold on. (laughs) When my boyfriend’s sister said I was really pretty, and she was like, I was like- I’m her favorite one out of everybody. (laughs)


Mo is a Senior at Poudre High School and is in her first year working with the Poudre Press. She runs a blog called Watashiato Press, about the affect that people's words have on each other. Check it out here!

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