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Hope for All: Fort Collins Rescue Mission

In the heart of beautiful unique Fort Collins, a city full of life and stories, there's a special place called the Fort Collins Rescue Mission. This place isn't just a shelter, it's like a big helping hand for people who don't have a place to live. Fort Collins is where around 167,554 people live. Some of them currently do not have permanent homes, and that's where the Rescue Mission steps in by providing sustainable and safe places. It's more than a shelter, it's a community that cares about every person deeply. While centered on religion and reformed success.

The Rescue Mission does a lot for those in need. They provide over 94,000 meals, not just food but increasing the overall health of many. They offer a safe place to sleep for over 58,000 nights, helping people take a break from tough times and worrying about shelter and safety. The National Alliance of Homelessness expressed supporting information about the realities of homelessness and violence, "Homeless people, like everyone else, need safety, which mostly comes from having a home to live in. People with mental illness or substance use disorder need treatment, which is by far more effective if the people have housing. And every member of our communities needs to know that we are all safer when everyone has a stable place to call home. The humanity of everyone in the United States depends on our ability to make that happen."

We should realize the shocking fact that 93% of the people who join their program find a permanent home afterward. It's like a success story, showing that the Rescue Mission isn't just a temporary fix but a place helping people change their lives. Dewayne experienced chronic homelessness and said, “This place gets me off the streets; it’s open year-round and they have permanent bed options for people who have a goal to better themselves,” he said. “It is nice not to take my food out of a dumpster. They give me the stability to try to get things accomplished to get out of this situation.” At the Mission, a bed means so much more than just a place of rest; it ensures our guests have a secure place to reset and reevaluate their next steps alongside people who care. In the same way, a hot meal does so much more than satisfy hunger, it gives hope to those who have so often been hopeless.

However,  Fort Collins has challenges too. Some people face drug problems (17%), serious mental illness (25.4%), and about 23% don't have a place to stay. These are big numbers that need attention. The Rescue Mission knows it's not just about beds or meals; it's about understanding why people end up without homes. Now, they're planning to make the Rescue Mission even better a larger expanded facility with $5.5 million to support it. This new place is not just about beds; it's about making a community where everyone feels seen and valued. The new location was submitted for a formal development plan to build a 40,000-square-foot facility west of the intersection of North College Avenue and Hibdon Court. Covering the location of Fort Collins to support many more people to come with the increasing population of Colorado.

They're not just helping adults, they are thinking about young people and older individuals as well. Everyone deserves a chance, no matter their age, and the Fort Collins Rescue Mission is confident in that belief. And they're also working to change how people see those without homes and to break the stereotypes. The National Conference of State Legislatures releases the following information, "These estimates indicate that approximately one in 10 adults ages 18 to 25, and one in 30 youth ages 13 to 17 will experience homelessness each year." All ages can experience this life-changing problem and The Fort Collins Rescue Mission is attempting to make drastic changes and limit future issues.

Imagine the impact of all the people in Fort Collins coming together. Volunteers, businesses, and groups are a big team helping each other out and supporting a vulnerable group in Fort Collins people balancing the challenge of homelessness. It's not just about giving things it's about connecting with people, breaking down walls, and making the city a better place for everyone while prioritizing mental health. The expansion has huge hopes for growth within the nonprofit organization. The Fort Collins Rescue Mission has countless people who support by donating to continue to fund the program.

In other parts of the world, many people do not have homes. Fort Collins is showing that it's not just a local problem; it's a global one. By helping each other, we can make a difference everywhere. Starting with our local homeless rehabilitation centers and expansion of the new additions.

So, the new Rescue Mission place becomes a symbol of hope and progress. The money they have isn't just for buildings; it's an investment in making sure everyone feels welcomed, loved, special, cared for, appreciated, and loved. With more options and opportunities for people to find stable homes and shelters, Fort Collins becomes a place where everyone can contribute and make the community stronger with it already increasing drastically in size.

In the end, Fort Collins and the Rescue Mission is a big nonprofit company with aspects of caring, overcoming challenges, and working together. It's not just about numbers; it's about people helping each other thrive. As Fort Collins grows, it becomes a city showing the way to a future where everyone's mental health matters and no one has to be without a home. Also, that alone feels special and appreciated in our city of Fort Collins, Colorado. If you want to support the Mission, please check out their website for ways to volunteer, donate, and more.


My name is Catlynn Carrizales and I am a sophomore at Poudre High School, I look forward to working and expanding deeper than my first year as a journalist. If you would like to see more of my work visit here.

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