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Holiday Events in Fort Collins.

As the holidays approach the Christmas spirit here in Fort Collins can already be seen on every street corner. But lights and snow are not the only things that our city has to offer for the month of December, all this month's events for the holidays are held.

Starting Tuesday, December 20th is “An Upcycled Holiday” hosted by Garbage Garage Education Center. Those who attend will make decorations out of recycled materials for a “more joy, less waste” holiday. Also, this day is the First Annual mini-original art exhibit, an event hosted by the Blue Moose Art Gallery, this event has been going on since the 5th of November and occurs daily until the 31st, 40 pieces will be on display, and light refreshments will also be served at the event for those who attend.

Wednesday, December 21st will have the events of the day prior however along with these is the NoCo winter wonderland hosted every year by Colorado Youth Outdoor where those who attend will take a drive through fort collins, and get to experience 16 light features that are new this year. Money raised through this event will be donated to Mission of Colorado Youth Outdoors, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting outdoor recreation. Tickets start at $20 for Wednesday through Friday, $25 for Saturday and the week of Christmas then $30 for the eve and day of Christmas. Make sure to pre purchase tickets before going as to keep it going, Attendees are strongly urged to remain within their vehicles for this event for their safety and the safety of others. The NoCo winter wonderland lasts one hour and requires a working radio in order for the Christmas music to be broadcast into your car. More info can be found on this event at

The following days through the 22nd until the 30th even through christmas has no events other than the Mini Originals Art Exhibit and the NoCo winter wonderland until New Years Eve on the 31st of the month with “The Lyric” on north college Ave where DJ’s such as TwoScoops, Jimeni, Lambp and Misstree x Masstree will have sets starting at $25 and 30 the day of the event with the tagline of “Ring in 2023 like it's 2003…”. This event also features a reality TV star costume contest and will go from 8PM to 1AM so make sure to come dressed as your favorite reality tv star if it isn't too cold that night!

Make sure through the holidays that you stay bundled up tight and keep the heat on as it is planned to get cold especially at events such as at New Years 2023: Rise of Reality.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Leian is a Junior at Poudre high school who is in his first year at the Poudre Press and runs a blog called History, Today.

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