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European Union Power Shortage; Will It Lead To Power Cuts?

The supply of power to many European nations has been uneasy as an energy crisis continues to grip the world. European nations have been suffering a major shortfall in gas supply, due to the current global climate and the events that have occurred along the Eastern borders of Europe. The cause of these 150 billion cubic meters of gas shortage for European nations can be traced back to the current war in Ukraine. The conflict in Ukrainian has caused the Russian Federation to significantly cut gas supply for many European nations.

The Russia-Ukrainian conflict has been raging for 8 months with no sign of letting up, with casualties mounting, both civilian and military personnel. However, as of the 7th month, the Ukrainian forces have turned from defensive fighting to offensive fighting. The reason for the shift is that the Russian Federation has been bogged down with trying to hold territory it has lost the offensive initiative. The Russian Federation has simply "dropped the ball". The Russian Federation must contest the Numerical advantage of the Ukrainian forces, and the ever-growing advantages posed by the ever-growing supply of western and European-made weapons.

As the war rages and Europe and Western nations continue to fund Ukraine and its military action against the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation has taken the Funding of Ukrainian by the West and European nations as a threat to its sovereignty, because of this The Russian Federation has acted, by cutting gas supplies to Europe in retaliation, for the funding of Ukraine in its conflict. The Russian government has made cuts of over 150 billion cubic meters of gas for many European nations. This major shortfall in Europe's gas supply has led to a cascading energy crisis in all economic sectors. Europe's gas supply is becoming even worse as the nations brace for the winter months, which will see more of a demand for energy.

The energy shortfalls have led to untold damage to Europe's economy, with the prices of gas reaching record highs. The cost of gas is damaging European car manufacturers, who are now reporting that car output in Europe could fall 40% in months to come.

The situation has become even more exacerbated as an attack on the major gas pipelines known as The Nord Stream one and two has led to them being shut down. The Nord Stream sabotage as it is being called is still under investigation by many European nations, however, it is clear that the damage of Nord Streams one and two will lead to an ever-worsening gas shortage no matter who is at fault.

At this time many European nations are now looking away from the Russian Federation for a stable supply of gas. however, there are no nations that have the same level of gas infrastructure that the Russian Federation has build-up which will make it very difficult for European nations to find and purchase the level of gas needed to offset the massive shortfall in Russian-supplied gas.


Jarin is a writer with the Poudre Press, and head writer of Operation Copper Rain News

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