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Updated: Feb 2

eSports is a team that is hosted by Poudre. eSports is all about having fun together, playing games that you like with other people, socializing with people you don't really know and getting to trust each other and working on working in a team. We as a group play games focusing on League of Legends, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Practice is every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school so that we can get better at our game and have fun with each other. Our Main Coach is Mr. Morley. 

League of Legends is a team game where five players on two teams fight against each other trying to get to the enemy teams nexus. There are three lanes leading from the nexus on each team and they meet up on each lane a equal distance from the nexus. On each of these lanes there is an inhibitor guarded by a tower followed by two more towers in the lane. The players play as champions which have four unique abilities and one passive ability. There is also a shop where you buy items to try and get an edge on the enemies. After a minute six minions spawn with three of them being warriors with more health and less damage while the other three are wizards that deal a lot of damage but have no health. Once an inhibitor is destroyed super minions spawn to help finish the game.

Rocket League is also mainly a team game where two teams face off too get a ball into the enemies goal.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Every practice we start by setting up our stations and sometimes having a talk about upcoming games and also stuff we need to practice on. We practice for the first ten too twenty minutes on our own and then we move onto practicing as a team and doing practice matches. The practice matches vary from game to game. League of Legends spends time working on last hitting minions and then working on learning our champion. Rocket League works on hitting goals, defending the goal, and working on aerials. Mario Kart focuses on getting through random tracks and working through what strategies work on each map. Smash works on fighting each other and working on learning characters better.

We as a group are getting ready and practicing for the upcoming season which is starting in early February. We will also have standard team t-shirts and also personalized t-shirts. The standard will just be a regular t-shirt with the number and sport while personalized will be your position number and will be allowed to be kept.

Hi, I am Camdon and my interests include reading, playing video games, and having fun with my friends. For more articles from me and some discussions visit me here.

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