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eSports 2023 League of Legends World Championship Tournament

Starting on the tenth of October in 2023, there will be a world championship hosted on and AfreecaTV. There will be one game played for each match. There are currently four matches that are scheduled for October 10th and October 11th. The prize pool is currently yet to be determined but will most likely be what it was in the past few years at $2,225,000.

League of Legends is a game where there are two teams, each having five members, fighting against each other to destroy the enemy team's Nexus. There are five different paths a person can take to get stronger and level up to try and gain an advantage over the other team. The paths are top path, middle path, bottom path, support, and jungle. Middle path you will mostly be by yourself with some help from your teammates every now and then. Top path you will be together with the jungle path but they will mostly focus on attacking the monsters in the jungle to level up. The bottom path is backed up by the support path and is mainly a huge damage dealer with the support being either their tank, healer, or both.

The first match is going to be between Movistar R7 made by Rainbow7, sponsored by Movistar and based in Mexico, and PSG Talon made by Talon eSports and based in Hong Kong. The match between Movistar R7 and PSG Talon will be the starting match of the tournament starting on October tenth, 2023 at 10:00 am.

Movistar R7 has had a peak viewer amount of 1,070,926. They have had 227 total matches as a team together and have participated in 19 tournaments. Movistar R7 has been working as a team for 276 days and they have made 1st place in two tournaments, the LLA opening 2023 and also the LLA closing 2023.

PSG Talon has had 1,793,506 viewers who have watched 15 tournaments which

earned PSG Talon a total of $211,250. Having 238 matches together they have been working together for 103 days. PSG Talon has taken 1st place in two tournaments and 3rd in another. They scored first place in PCS Summer 2023 and PCS Spring 2023, they won third place in PCS Summer 2022.

The 2023 League of Legends World Championship Tournament will be an exciting tournament for eSports fans to watch and learn more about League of Legends. People will be able to have fun together in Twitch chat and may even be able to earn rewards for watching League of Legends if you have your account linked to your Twitch account. The rewards will mostly amount to skins of characters and most likely blue essence.

The tournament will be watched by a lot of people so if you want to learn more about the community or more about how people can start playing League of Legends, come watch the teams at 10 am, October 10th, 2023.

Camdon Brown is a senior starting his first year at the Poudre Press at Poudre High School. He is also a part of Kaleidoscope, E-Sports, and the Poudre Wind Ensemble. Most of his time is spent at school, at work, or playing video games with his friends. You can check out my blog where he will post his articles here.

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