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Date Ideas in Foco

Fort Collins has many different activities and places that are perfect for date night whether you're looking for something nice, fun, active, romantic, and so much more. There are many different places to go when you are going on a date in Fort Collins and here we are going to look at some of the different options when going on a date. When you want something a little fancier and more romantic a restaurant is usually the way to go. There are lots of delicious restaurants to choose from. There are many options like Pizza, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Burgers, and more. The main place to go out and eat in Fort Collins is Old Town. There is an endless selection of restaurants in Old Town.

Some of my favorite places in Old Town Fort Collins. If I am in the mood for pizza on a date I will pick BeaJou's which has a wide selection for both you and your date. There is pizza, wings, salads, sandwiches, and pasta. BeaJou's is the perfect place for a casual date for you and your partner to sit down relax and have a nice meal together. If I am in the mood for Chinese I have a couple of top places I like to go. My first choice is usually LuLu's Asian Bistro which also has a very wide menu but no matter what I order I am never disappointed it also tastes wonderful. They have Noodle dishes, rice dishes, sushi, soup, and lots of different meat choices. They are always made perfectly. There are many good Chinese places to pick in Fort Collins on date night. As for Mexican food, it is one of me and my boyfriend's favorite. We have a couple of places we love to eat at for our date nights. The top of the list is always Pueblo Vijeo. They have a large variety and no matter what you get it is always delicious. Another good place is Los Tarascos Mexican, they also have a wide variety and very good food every time. There are so many great places to choose from. As for Thai Old Town has some of the best places I have ever eaten at. There is Thai Pepper which has a small building but a nice outdoor eating area, they have great food and delicious boba tea. Another good place is Thai Station which has a bigger indoor area to sit in, they have a good variety of food and it always tastes wonderful. They also have a big boba tea menu which is always a plus in my opinion. Tom Kha Thai is also a very good place and it is much fancier than the other two. It has a nice inside area. Not only is the food delicious but it always comes out with a flower on it and looks very nice. It is a little more expensive though so it is good to keep that in mind. As for American places to eat in Old Town there are lots of places you can go, Comit chicken is a great place if you are in the mood for some fried chicken, Big Al's is perfect for burgers and for hot dogs, there are so many different options to pick from in the Exchange. Including tacos, bagels, and delicious ice cream. Old Town has many delicious places that are perfect no matter what you are in the mood for. They all are great places to go on a date.

Now enough about food, there are also many great places to play games and have a fun time on a date. Including Chipper's bowling alley. It is so fun to go and bowl with your date and make fun of one another while also getting some exercise in. A huge place to go is Fort Fun, there is mini golf, bumper cars, an arcade, laser tag, an escape room, and so many more fun things you can do with your partner while at Fort Fun. They also have a couple of food options to pick from if you get hungry. These are both great places to go if you are looking to do something fun and active on your date. Another fun place to go is Fly High, it is fun to go jump on their trampolines and climb around the obstacle crosses they have. These places are all great fun on date night. Doing something fun and active like this for a date is always a lot of fun and a good way to end a rough week with a good time.

In the summer there are many different options if you want to do something fun outside. Going to Horsetooth is a great idea whether you just want to go swimming or if you want to paddleboard on the lake. There are also many different places to go swimming in Fort Collins, Including City Park Pool, Mulberry Pool, and Epic Pool. All three of these places are great places if you want to go for a swim on a hot day with your partner. It is also fun to just walk around Old Town shop a little and spend some time together in town. These places aren't great for winter but during the summer these places are musts on my and my boyfriend's list. Epic Pool is also great in the winter because they have an ice skating rink which is perfect for a date.

No matter what you do on a date it should always be special and something you both will enjoy and remember. It is always important to do what you want sometimes and what your partner wants to do sometimes so you both get to go on the date you have been waiting to do. Fort Collins has many different options for places to eat, activities to do, and so much more.


Grace VerCauteren is a junior at Poudre High School, and she is very passionate about beauty and the standards that society has set up for us to live in. Someday these standards will change and we will no longer have to live a life for others but a life for ourselves.

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