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Console Wars Pt. 2

Welcome everyone to the second part of the console wars. Today we will be looking at the origins of PCs, how they developed, what they allow you to do, and also how they were perceived by the public. As always I hope you have  a fun or interesting time reading this article, and with that, let's get started.

PCs started being available for public mass production in 1977 with three different pre-made computers. Those computers were the Apple Computer Apple II, Tandy Radio Shack’s TRS-80, and the Commodore Business Machines Personal Electronic Transactor otherwise known as the PET. The most popular computer of these was the TRS-80 at a cost of $399 (a cost of $2042.88 after inflation). (The Apple 2 below)

From there the industry was filled with copies of some or were influenced by other sources and furthered the industry further. The amount of storage each computer had also rose from 64 kilobytes around 1977 to 100 megabytes in early 90s and into gigabytes in the early 2000s. The amount of storage is important as it allows more programs to be held on each computer and also the games and files kept so that you don’t need multiple computers or SD cards for all of your different programs.

Pcs allow you to play games, make games, make art, write books or novels, and a vast majority more. Also on PCs you can play mobile games and console games through the use of emulators. Pcs can also be used to watch or make videos for other people to watch. Pcs have a higher number of games you can play as the games will run on the same or similar software no matter how many times you upgrade your pc unlike phones and consoles. Most pc games also allow you to use mouse and keyboard, or a controller, either way there is a customizability that just isn't affordable on other devices.

The public perception of computers and the internet has really not changed over time with people 65 and older not really understanding them even though they could help with their quality of life. Also, around 62% of Americans like to use electronics and have access to so much information in their day to day life. Nowadays most jobs require at least some competency in electronics as they are used in some way for most jobs including at restaurants where they are used to order and pay.

In conclusion PCs are a relatively new thing in the history of humanity and it has progressed to the point that we have too much information to choose from if we want to read or learn about anything. Another great thing about PCs and electronics is that the information to learn how to use them or build them is online, you just have to search. While they used to be really expensive, the cost of PCs haven’t really changed over time with good ones that can be used for most low intensive activities only costing around 200$ to 400$. While similarly the public perception hasn’t really changed either with younger people being more literate in electronics than older people.

Hi, I am Camdon and my interests include reading, playing video games, and having fun with my friends. For more articles from me and some discussions visit me here.

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