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Cocaine Bear: A Cracked-Out Creation

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Content Warning: Violence, Gore, Drugs

Loosely based on a true story, Cocaine Bear is not lacking in comedy, action, or entertainment. After a drug deal gone wrong, millions of dollars worth of cocaine is lost in forested Georgia. A bear comes across this drug and develops a taste for it, hence the title of this film. While an eclectic variety of people come across this ferocious monster, only some may survive.

This movie was directed by Elizabeth Banks, who is most well known for directing Pitch Perfect 2, and for acting in both The Hunger Games and The Lego Movie. I wasn't expecting the plot of this movie to be as well-developed as it was. It held some really impressive elements that I wasn't expecting to be as emotional as they were. It was also incredibly funny without feeling cheap or forced. Timmy Murphy, a senior at Poudre High School claims, "[Cocaine Bear] can't be described in just a few words,".

This movie is rated R for a reason and has a lot of violence that some people may not want to see. However, if you're looking for a comedic thriller that includes a bear on cocaine, I would wholeheartedly recommend watching Cocaine Bear in theatres now!

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