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Canvas Community Classic; Poudre High School Football Team Shatters The Competition.

September 30th will be a day that will remain in Poudre High School students' minds for a very long time. Friday the 30th was the Canvas Community Classic football game that saw 4 football teams go head-to-head. The four teams that took in the game were Poudre High School Impalas, Rocky Mountain High School Lobos, Fossil High School Sabercats, Fort Collins High School Lambkins. All the football teams played well, but Poudre High School was the real star of the event. Poudre High School led the first match-up against the Rocky Mountain Lobos with perfect execution and nearly flawless plays. Poudre High School Impalas ended the first quarter of the game with a 7-point lead. Poudre's quarterback and running backs worked in perfect coordination, completing play after play, to achieve incredible yardage. The second quarter saw Poudre's team lost a little bit of ground with the Lobos gaining a 7-point touchdown to tie the game at the end of the second quarter, little did Rocky know that this was the first and final touchdown they would achieve throughout the game. The tie at the end of the second quarter was short-lived, as the third quarter saw Poudre High School take the lead and dominate against the Rocky Mountain Lobos, with Poudre leading 27 to 7. The fourth quarter saw the Poudre Impalas continue to mount a devastating offense, with Poudre high school ending the game with 34 points to Rocky's measly 7-points.

Poudre High School students arrived in mass to cheer on their incredible team, and with them, their Proud Poudre Spirit. Poudre High School's enthusiasm was sky-high throughout the game, evident through the loud cheers of "F-E-A-R! Fear the deer!" and "We can't hear you!". The cheering and spirit of the crowd helped the Poudre team to keep going through all four quarters.

The Poudre Coaches and support staff deserve the win the same as the very players that played the game. The Poudre support staff helped to cultivate the talent of this incredible team.

Poudre Highs Impalas football team played a simply incredible game. The win also showed how dedicated and talented Poudre High Schools Football team is; this win by Poudre High, might be foreshadowing an incredible season soon to come for Poudre High's Football team.

All around, this event was a massive success, and it's easy to say that the entire community is excited and waiting for the second annual Canvas Community Classic, scheduled for next year. To get your pictures added to the slideshow, email them to


Jarin Clapp is a senior at Poudre High School in his first year with the Poudre Press. He is the head writer and contributor to Operation Copper Rain. You can check him out here.


Elizabeth Bentley, Poudre Press Photographer and Writer. Check her out here.

Sonny Nesmith, Poudre Press Photographer and Writer. Check him out here.

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