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Bullying and its Effects: Interviews with the Poudre Community

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

TRANSCRIPT: Mo: Okay, have you ever been bullied and how did it affect you? Person 1: I have been bullied, not like, consistently but like, I’ve been like made fun of and stuff, I guess. I guess like, I don’t know, it just made me like, kinda insecure. Which like, I don’t know, it felt like, really bad. Can I cuss? I mean I guess it just like, made me feel really shitty but like, I don’t know, I feel like as I’ve grown and matured I’ve just stopped caring about it as much. Which is probably like, a privilege just because it wasn’t as consistent but, I don’t know, it just felt gross, ya know? Person 2: Like I haven’t really been bullied severely but, ya know as a kid, I’ve kinda been teased and stuff like that. And a lot of the time I don’t think about it but sometimes I feel like, I’ll notice something about myself and think back to the times I’ve been teased and just like, feel a little more self conscious about it and like, insecure. So yeah, I feel like it’s kinda surprising sometimes when I randomly think of and remember from that. Person 3: I wouldn’t say bullied necessarily, it was more of backstabbing, I would call it, but like, friends with narcissistic people saying that I was never gonna be happy in life and that my life was just dreadful compared to theirs. I mean, it hasn’t affected me today but back then it really did hurt me because they were my friend and I did have a lot of trust in them. Person 4: Actually I was. In elementary school I was bullied because I was really skinny, underweight and it affected me a little because I was very conscious about my like, my weight and stuff like that and a lot of people just didn’t see it the way I saw it. My mom always called me like, like people want to have the body you have sometimes and like, it just affected me not very well. But I got over it, I’m fine with who I am now and I think it’s-it’s a journey. Person 5: I mean, I haven’t really been bullied but I’ve been picked on before and it just kinda like, brings like, your mood down and everything like that. And it just kinda makes your day a little more worse than usual and stuff like that. Person 6: Um, no. Mo: You’ve never been bullied? Person 6: Never. Mo: That’s good! Person 7: I can’t say I remember being bullied ever. Mo: Okay. Person 8: I mean, I did, it wasn’t too fun but I mean, it stops after a while. Person 9: Um, I don’t think I’ve ever been bullied. Person 10: I have, and I don’t know, I don’t think I care about it anymore. Person 11: I was not the best during golf and I kinda struggled with my back swing, and a lot of golf people would laugh when I would actually take a swing. But I had a few friends in there who helped me improve and because of that I was able to really excel in my golfing career here at Poudre, and really interact more with them. Mo is a Senior at Poudre High School and is in her first year working with the Poudre Press. She runs a blog called Watashiato Press, about the affect that people's words have on each other. Check it out here!

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