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Bike Tech Class Coming to Poudre

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Credit for a photo to visits fort Collins, Colorado

Biking in colorado is to many a way of life, and to others, it is an opportunity to make a meaningful environmental change. This statement holds true for Poudre's very own Mr. Golz. Mr. Golz finds passion in "biking on the endless trail systems around town" and dedicates his life to teaching students his wealth of scientific knowledge. Mr. Golz while being a science teacher has created a New Bike tech class at Poudre that will offer students of all grade levels an opportunity to explore the physicals and mechanics behind Bikes, while also being able to work on and fix bikes. The class will allow students to gain hands-on knowledge on how to fix and maintain bikes, while also providing them with an opportunity to better understand the physics behind the mechanics and receive credit for their work.

Credit for photo to Buffalo outdoor center.

The Bike tech class will be broken up into 2 quarter-long classes that will run over a whole semester. Bike Tech 1 will be focused on the fundamentals and basics of biking around FOCO; bike tech 2 will focus on complex mechanics. The classes will add up to 10 science credits. The class will offer students a chance to gain real-world experience and will open opportunities for internships as well as Out of high school jobs in the bike industry. The class will be partnering with local fort collins bike shops and Fort collision bike co-op to receive up to 10 bikes for students to work on and safety gear for students.

Jarin Clapp

Senior editor and writer with Poudre Press/Operation Copper Rain

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