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Bigfoot game: A cult classic with a long history

Bigfoot Is an interesting game, as It has been through a weird history, and ended up being a genuinely good game, I am writing this review from the perspective of someone who has played this game for its whole life span.

Old Alpha

The old alpha for bigfoot was interesting, when It came out I was in 6th grade, So naturally, it makes me nostalgic, although it still was not great, You could tell it had passion, throughout its bad graphics, boring ai, and simplistic and easy gameplay it made the game enjoyable.

This version was an expanded version of a canceled game called "Rake" This version set up basic mechanics for future versions, such as being able to put down cameras and traps!


The Bigfoot beta was a big improvement, they looked better, they had more tools and harder but still dumb ai, more complicated mechanics, and it was pretty hard. But these changes made the game feel different, and there were a lot of items that were basically useless. Like the tent or the drone, And with it feeling more soul-less than the previous version it just didn't have the same appeal as the alpha. Its maps were boring and although they had more they did not feel as encapsulating as the alpha.

Current version

The current version of Bigfoot is an actually great game, and this section is where I will go more in-depth about the game itself, Bigfoot Is a Horror game where you and maybe a group of friends go hunting for bigfoot on a big map, where to win you have to outsmart the complicated and intimidating Ai, that without preparation will kill you without much of a chance, but where this game becomes interesting is how the tools you are given can help you fight him, Like the bear trap, explosives, cameras, and even the environment, Bigfoot in the final version is brutal, and will make you use these features to track him, trap him, or even just survive an attack, and with each map also comes a story with characters who left behind notes, or phones, anything in that nature, which makes bigfoot so interesting, and all the unique ways he can interact with the world make it scary, because if you make a mistake it may end up killing you. I will end the review here as it is very long already!

Sam Randolph is a Junior at Poudre High School and in her first year at the Poudre Press. Be sure to check out more gaming content at Panopticon Reviews!

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