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At-Home Workouts with Brady Brown

Community Submission by Brady Brown

With summer coming up in a few months you got to get the body looking right. You may not want to pay for a gym membership, maybe you aren’t close to a gym, or maybe you don’t have the time to go to the gym. Well, that is okay because you can lose weight or gain muscle weight at your own house. Here are some workouts you can do to get stronger without any day equipment at your own house.


20-30 jumping jacks

30-second jog in place

30-second high knees

These workouts seem simple but with enough sets, if you push yourself then you can get in a lot better shape.

Upper body:

10 of each variation of push up (Diamond, Regular, wide)

10 burpees

30 mountain climbers

These workouts mainly focus on the shoulder and tricep area. You don't need any equipment and little space to get a good upper body workout.


20 sit-ups

20 V-Ups

20 crunches

Double crunch for 45 seconds

Russian twists for 45 seconds

These ab workouts may seem simple and pointless but if you do them every day you will see results.

Legs: (As many sets as needed)

30 bodyweight squats

10 lunges on each leg

15 jump squats

10 jumping lunges

With these workouts, it works cardio, leg muscles, and even coordination. It will make you stronger and keep you in good shape.

I would say it is more enjoyable to do these workouts outside with the summer coming up you could do these at a park or in your backyard.

With all of these at-home workouts, you can see the same results as you would if you went to a gym. These workout's can come with health benefits that can help to maintain muscle health. You can work while saving money by not having to buy a gym membership. It is a great way to stay in shape and gain muscle, the biggest thing with all of this is form and not giving up when you don’t see results immediately. It can take time for anyone to see results when starting to work out. If you want to see results and get stronger you need consistency!

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