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A Night to Remember: Dancing Through Memories

Homecoming is the one night each year filled with nostalgia, excitement, and joy. The major highlight of many students' school year is the opportunity to meet new people, bring students together, and create a school spirit. Many students dressed in shimmering dresses and sharp suits, while dancing to music, turning the gym into a place filled with new memories.

Poudre High School hosted its annual homecoming on October 21, 2023. However, homecoming week is school-sponsored to cultivate relationships within the educational facilities. Homecoming is the main event students look forward to.

Poudre High School student council announced the homecoming theme to the students to be Candy Land. With the help of the student body, the small gym was turned into a glamorous theme. This year was no expectation. Student Council had many different decorations set up and photo-booths with backgrounds created for the following theme. Senior Allyson Gabbert informed us that her favorite part of homecoming was the cool and creative decorations, “I’d say one of my favorite things about homecoming was the extraordinary decorations, everything was so colorful and alive. It really reminded me of the board game Candy Land, and I feel like the vibe of the school rubbed off on the students attending.”

Students arrived in their fanciest attire, from fashion gowns and suits to creating a fashion parade. Showcasing individual styles and personalities throughout the clothing worn by students. Some students chose to participate in the theme while others took the opportunity to wear their nicest clothes. Kimberly Fragoso, a freshman here at Poudre told us that the creativity she could have with picking her dress was dress was the best part, “One of my favorite things to do is to shop, so going to homecoming was a great excuse to not only have fun with my friends, but to buy a new pretty dress.”

One of the stand-out aspects of the Poudre High School homecoming dance was the sense of community and unity it fostered from within. Students from different grades and backgrounds. Connection immediately was shown by attending participants when they created circles as students stepped in sharing their talents and being cheered by classmates. 10th grader Naomy Vazquez told us that one of the main reasons for going to homecoming was to meet new people, “I like going to homecoming because it creates friendships and new bonds you didn’t even know existed.”

In conclusion, homecoming week was very enjoyable for students. Poudre succeeded in helping many students create bonds to last throughout the year. Saturday was a designed activity to spend time with new friends in an energetic setting. Students later had a 3-day weekend before the start of the new quarter.

If you would like to see more of Feminine Voyage's work then please visit here. Feminine Voyage is written by Catlynn Carrizales, Catlynn is a first-year writer for the Poudre Press. The reporter is Dessa Bershinsky her website can be found here. Thank you for reading.

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