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A Man Called Otto: Life After Loss

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Content Warning: Suicide

After the death of his wife, Otto Anderson struggles to find a reason to keep going. His world is filled with "idiots" and the strict, safe, and organized life he has known for decades seems to begin to crumble underneath him. However, after he meets Marisol and her family, his new neighbors across the street, he learns that moving on is possible and that although difficult, life does not have to end after loss.

This movie was surprisingly heavy. Although the main message was a hopeful one, there were a lot of darker situations (including multiple suicide attempts) that I didn't necessarily expect after seeing the trailer of this movie. Although it is extremely serious in parts, the script of this movie still makes attempts to be funny. It is apparent that many of these attempts at humor were meant for a diverse audience that would include older people as well as children, and although sweet, I think it misses the mark a bit. Many of the jokes within the dialogue don't seem to fit the characters, including Tom Hanks' portrayal of Otto. Hanks is incredible as ever, but this role absolutely pales in comparison to anything he's ever done before. I was looking forward to his performance and although it was in no way bad, it just didn't feel like it fit well.

Although I was generally let down by this movie, I still think that it was incredibly sweet and vulnerable and had some amazing lessons about the importance of friendship and listening to those around us. If A Man Called Otto sounds interesting to you, it is available to rent on Youtube or Amazon Prime.

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